Instagram India

Instagram recently revealed the trends of the users in India on Instagram, according to the data most of the users on Instagram are young having high spending power. This is the first time that one of the fastest growing social media network Instagram released such data for India showing what keeps the Indian users engaged on the platform.

Instagram mentions that the monthly active users from India have more than doubled in the past year considering the fact that Instagram continues to build the momentum to reach 400 million users in the present year. Of the last 100 Millions users to join Instagram more than half are from Asia and Europe. More than 80 percent of the users in India use their smartphones to post the pictures on Instagram and that is the testimony to the fact that the Indian users are Mobile first users.

Below are some highlights of the study conducted by Nielson:

  • Indians are using Instagram to express themselves among like minded set of people
  • The most active users on Instagram are of the age group 18-24
  • Indians use Instagram to follow celebrities and latest trends in fashion and technology, they are also using it for discovering and sharing food and travel options.
  • Out of all the key interests among the users on Instagram are music, travel, food, photography, technology, fashion and sports
  • The data shows that Indian Instagramers are avid travellers and almost half of them have taken 4 vacations in the past year.
  • Just over half of the Indian Instagramers have purchased services and products frequently from the brands they follow.

Recently Instagram opened advertising to businesses of all sizes around the world which has a suite of advertising options catering to each group. The advanced ad formats with targeting and buying options help the advertisers to reach out to specified consumers they care about thereby helping them raise awareness to drive action. Out of the major brands who have utilized this potential are Paperboat, Grofers, TrulyMadly Matchmakers, Sportskeeda and many more.

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