They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. There is no limit to what one can make out of an image; such is the kind of creativity it is capable of sparking in the beholder. Lately, animated pictures or ‘Gifs’ as we call them have become immensely popular over the web. They take this immersion factor to a whole new level and are often capable of conveying entire stories within their short duration. But more often than not, the quality of these gifs is so poor that it literally kills all that is amazing about the subject element. Julien Douvier;a French graphic designer recognized this folly and began weaving something that would not only ooze of quality but would also set benchmarks for immersion. The result of his rather perfectionist personality are these unique gifs that are of high quality and great artistic value. All of his gifs are selectively animated, i.e. he chooses to animate only those elements where we wants to draw all of the viewer’s attention while all else in the image is as still as in classic photography. Such a tweak might sound minuscule at first but after looking at the gifs down below, we can guarantee a stark change in opinions.

Crediting everything visual as his muse, Julien keenly observes the environment around him as potential subjects for his Canon. For a more refined outlook, he has categorized his gifs into eight separate themes, all of which showcase his amazing artistic vision. We’ve included the best from each category right below with more to be found at his website here. It is advised that you pay close attention to each as it is only then can you actually make out the beauty that lies hidden beneath.

PS: These gifs are of great quality and hence sport a heavy file size. Consequently the page may take some time to load.

Julien-Douvier-GIFs-Gadgetadda-1 Julien-Douvier-GIFs-Gadgetadda-2 Julien-Douvier-GIFs-Gadgetadda-3 Julien-Douvier-GIFs-Gadgetadda-4 Julien-Douvier-GIFs-Gadgetadda-5 Julien-Douvier-GIFs-Gadgetadda-6 Julien-Douvier-GIFs-Gadgetadda-8 Julien-Douvier-GIFs-Gadgetadda-9 Julien-Douvier-GIFs-Gadgetadda-10 Julien-Douvier-GIFs-Gadgetadda-11 Julien-Douvier-GIFs-Gadgetadda-12 Julien-Douvier-GIFs-Gadgetadda-14 Julien-Douvier-GIFs-Gadgetadda-15 Julien-Douvier-GIFs-Gadgetadda-16 Julien-Douvier-GIFs-Gadgetadda-17


Lately Julien has also begun work on rendering his gifs as full HD videos. In this format, he does not have to face quality limitations as he has to in the case of gifs and as such he can put his stills to a greater use. We bet you’d want to use these videos as screen-savers on your laptop or as demo one’s on your HDTV’s!