So if you are one of those trying hard to get hold of the Apple’s latest offering in the news and magazine segment which is the Apple Newsthen you are at the right destination. We have the solution for you to enjoy the Apple News app in India. Just follow the list of these simple steps and you are ready to go.

  1. Head on to the ‘Settings Menu’ in your iOS 9

IMG_30542. Select the ‘General ‘ option

IMG_30553. Press open the ‘Language & Region’ option. Change the Region to United States, a window will pop up asking you for confirmation, just select the country as United States and proceed.

IMG_30564. A black screen will come up and will be there for a couple of seconds.

5. Now just restart your device and there appears the Apple News App.

Now you can select out of the various publications available on the Apple news and set up your personalised news feed based on your interests.

Pick up your favourites

Let us know in the comment sections if you face any issues with setting up the Apple News.