Everyone’s life goes through ups and downs and the way they tackle that defines their behaviour. We all how engrossing Steve Job’s life was and all his life was a reflection to that. He was born to a couple who decided to have a pre-marital sex and then abandoned the baby who was eventually adopted by a Mechanic and an accountant.

Steve Jobs was indeed inquisitive and eager to learn new things from starting, was always found tinkering with electronics in his dad’s garage. Followed by a college dropout life and living off with other people through couch surfing. He then met Steve Wozniak the man who got all the electronic skills and could match up with Jobs in terms of vigour and zeal. Steve also came to India to practice and follow Zen Buddhism and after he came back from India he went on to join Atari which he eventually left because of the conventional methods being followed by them.

After he left the job he realised his potential to beat the big companies with his ideas and innovation. He spent days and nights with his sister who helped her assemble computers and coupled with Wozniak to build on Apple I computers and the rest is history.

Below is an amazing infographic by Funders and Founders which depicts the life of the genius graphically. And in case you would like to read his biography you can buy one by Walter Isaacson here in iBooks.