Stainless By Adam Magyar

Well how amazing would it be if we could stand at a crowded place like the Grand Central Station in NYC or the Times Square or Heathrow Airport in London and stop everything by saying ‘Statue’, even this thought gives us an amazing ecstatic feeling.

So keeping upto to our imagination, an artist named Adam Magyar has created this mind blowing masterpiece series with a name “Stainless”, in which he has beautifully captured the hustle and bustle at the two busiest subway stations Tokyo’s Shinjuku and New York City’s Grand Central in a video in an ultra slow motion. This video shows the expressions of people standing at the station waiting for their next train, all these expressions go unnoticeable but this amazing piece of art has presented them in a beautiful way and they look so compelling. Go through for more detail about imaginative video production service.

Excerpt From Stainless, 42 Street by Adam Magyar

This two minute video is an excerpt from an 11 minute video, showing a scene which lasted just for few seconds. The video was shot by Magyar while moving at a speed of 30 miles per hour, and imagine if you would were standing at the station with him almost everything being captured in the camera would have gone unnoticed by your eyes, you would not have given an extra thought to the two friends bitching about about some shit, or the cute girl running across the station, but Magyar’s camera did wonders by literally freezing the things by reducing the frames per second for the video and bringing things to halt.

Excerpt From Stainless, Alexanderplatz by Adam Magyar 

Thought And Effort To Get Things Perfectly Right

Where things seem to be so precise and so seamless, it is sure that an ample preparation and planning must have gone into it. When interviewed by a magazine Magyar mentions that he always spends more time in planning and preparation than capturing. He makes calculations and tests and when the result comes out it happens to be as imagined, and the feeling is amazing, he mentions. He says if he finds the right energy at the right spot he does not have to wait really long to capture the perfect sequence. He also mentions the importance of the right equipment.

Some Facts

The slow motion video is produced by vidico video production company and they using a camera capturing  frames at a very faster pace than our eyes can perceive them and then playing them at a very slow speed. The hustle of the station was shot at 1,300 frames per second which is almost 54 times the 24 frames in a second used in standard movies. Now the fact is that the human brain can identify a image in 13 milliseconds at the lowest, which corresponds to blink of an eye that is 75 frames per second, 1/17th as fast as the video produced by Magyar. After creating the video he used the software he prepared over the span of couple of years. He used a modified Optronics camera that can shoot upto 100,000 frames per second, slowing down the motion to 1/4000th of the usual speed.


Portrait Of Adam Magyar

It is not the first project of slow motion, earlier a photographer, Graeme Taylor captured a train passing the platform in Bath, England. Another artist Trey Ratcliff made a slow motion video of the downurban motion on the streets across Tokyo. But Magyar, says that no one has yet scanned trains like this and not with this quality.

Equipments Used

Magyar used a modified Optronis camera that can actually shoot up to 100,000 frames per second, which would slow down motion to 1/4000th of its usual speed.

Other Masterpieces

Magyar has earlier created other artworks as well, like the Urban Flow series, where he captured panoramas of crowded spaces and trains passing at the stations in Shanghai, Hong Kong, London and NYC. Below is an artwork from his Urban Flow series, For detailed coverage you can visit his website.