This artificial source of sunlight looks real enough to have you fooled

Creating artificial sunlight might just have reached a revolutionary step by the launch of Coelux, an artificial light source. Created by Italian scientists under Professor Paolo Di Trapani, CoeLux recreates sunlight so effectively that to the naked eye and even cameras it seems to be the actual sun.

The primary idea behind creating artificial sunlight is to simulate not just the sun but the atmosphere as well. Coelux makes use of nanotechnology and nano-particles in order to scatter light using an LED light source which resembles the sun, creating an optical effect called the Rayleigh Scattering. The Rayleigh Scattering is what makes the sky look blue to us. As a result, the colour of the sunlight as well as the quality feel very real.

All the people who had the opportunity to witness the artificial light source were tricked into believing it to be the actual sun with real sunlight. The following pictures are completely unaltered. They give you an idea of how real this artificial light source feels.As of now, this system of artificial sunlight is available in three lighting configurations which recreate the sunlight that reaches different parts of the globe. These include the warm light of the Nordic Region, the well balanced light in the Mediterranean region, and the light of high contrast in the Tropical region.