‘’We never think about our hands, that’s what makes it so fascinating. Its use is unconscious, it’s precision incredible! Your interaction with technology should be the same, seamless and natural.’’


It is ironical how artificial intelligence isn’t nearly as intelligent as we always wanted it to be. The less than intuitive experience is at times, annoying if not downright frustrating. Hence the countless jabs we stumble upon social media are directed towards technology. As an example, think about the ‘different’ types of user interfaces on our devices. Irrespective of our purpose or use, we all have no option but to cling upon the same, age old ‘keyboard and mice’ as our sole drivers. They do get the work done, but the communication is so hard to convey that it gets very tedious at times. Think about it. A casual gamer uses the same equipment as does a serious one, or a person using his device for photoshop, Djaying or other professional purposes has the same inputs at his disposal as does a young kid at home listening to music. I find this similarity so awkward that it absolutely boggles my mind up. But as a sigh of relief, someone did think think about it all.


It’s amazing how a device of such miniscule dimensions is touted as the change we’ve all desired for long. It is rich in convenience, being portable enough to be stuffed in a pocket or latched onto any wall. Furthermore, the controller can operate sans any wires and can connect to any device having native Bluetooth support. Suppose you’ve got music playing on your speakers via your phone. If someone has to change a track or access a playlist, you’ll need to unlock your phone and hand over the device to them, thus risking privacy. But with flow, all apprehensions can be steered away with ease (and of course, how can we not lust upon the added oomph?) (Portability demo below)

This device can really come handy for people of all sorts, working or not. Check out how it benefits a Photoshop artist down below!

As of now, out of the box support is limited to a short list of 30 odd services. Amazingly, this list although short is rich in selection. The most widely used application across the home-work genre are already here. As for its future, the code behind the controller is open sourced, which means that any developer can fine tune the flow as per his own app. The same goes for end users as well. A simple web interface allows anyone to tweak registrations and feedbacks as per individual whims and needs! (Screenshots from the website).

For greater details, a ton of videos and product insights, head over to Indiegogo where as of now, this product is being crowd funded. Being early adopters, you can pre book your flow at heavily discounted rates whilst at the same time, help along in making this project a reality. In my opinion, the idea in practice is an ingenious one. A lot of times we, the customers are slapped with ‘new’ technologies that are rarely of much use. Still we are charged at sky high prices, often for the prefix alone. Thankfully, things are different with this flow controller. Although not exactly magical, it holds the potential to do wonders for almost everyone. The design is promising and so is the idea, i.e. to blend in the physical and the digital worlds intuitively, unlike anything else before. Excuse my prejudiced tone, for apparently I got carried away in the ‘flow’! Tch Tch, them puns!

Meet the Team behind this project!