Today in the 21st century, we take the sheer power and seemingly endless possibilities at our disposal for granted. The new generation of today is growing up in a manner which is absolutely different from those of the 70s and 80s. Even though those growing up in the 90s had technology all around them, but it was all really very primitive and far from its present form. So it begs to wonder about what led to the boom of the last 15 years? Is it actually the last 15 years or is it an endeavor, a tale ongoing from the times of the great Nikola Tesla himself? Who all were responsible for this change? Are the technology giants we’re aware of today actually the inventors of their respective products or did they just build upon someone else’s lifetime of work?

Part 1 of the series tells the story of the PC and the advent of the internet whereas part 2 aims at our contemporary world, tracing the development of mobile phones; the rise and the fall of gigantic corporations and the many game changing innovations of today. For the technically inclined, i guarantee goosebumps, a series of them infact! Even for those who are not, it is an amazing story; a tale of the ranks of our folklores! I bet that the combined length of the two make up for one heck of a viewing experience, one of the likes of a Christopher Nolan flick!

Behind this entire project stands one man who goes by the name of Coldfustion on youtube. If you like his work, make sure that you share it with your friends on social media. We desperately need more like him to make youtube mean more than a mere platform for pathetic kissing pranks.