In the present scenario deciding a name for your business is an exasperating task because of many factors and availability of the same domain name is one of them, there are cases where you finalise the business name but find it hard to get the same domain name and you might end cough up a large amount of money, this being said here we have come across another situation where people are spending millions of dollars in buying domain names which they never used. Below is a list of similar domain names compiled by Whoishostingthis.

The list mentions about some of the craziest deals of buying these million dollar domain names, you will be amazed to know that the domain name was bought for a exorbitant amount of $7,000,000 and it was bought by Thought Convergence LLC (which is a domain management company) in 2004 and it still says ‘Available for sale’. Well there a large number of other such stories, enjoy the Infographic below and let us know if you came any other such domain in the comment section below.