Marketing firms have becoming really exceptional these days in the attempts to create awareness about their campaigns because in this era of digital world anything ordinary can not hold your attention for long. This said, a day ago a marketing company named 6S from New York published an open letter to the technology giant Apple to persuade them to reconsider the name 6S for their upcoming model of iPhone.

In the letter, Chris Breikss the co-founder of the marketing firm explains how they chose the name 6S for their brand because ‘6S’ sounds like ‘Success’, he also mentioned that all 35 employees of his company have been loyal customers to Apple by using all the Apple products.


Well, we can not comment on this plea being actually what it is meant to be or a well timed promotional campaign for the agency, but they have gone to the extent of renting billboards in Times Square and have also parked a truck with an advertisement next to the Apple’s iconic store on the 5th Avenue. The agency also bought the URL to lead its campaign if that could convey what we mean.

This episode has definitely created a stirr in the marketing world and what we have is a a creative and brilliant marketing campaign that is using the hype of unveiling the iPhone this month to promote itself and this job could not have been done by the agency alone. Cheers to agency!

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