When you eat, drink and sleep photography then you need a handy camera device anytime and every-time, with these new generation smartphones that have mind blowing camera and hell lot of applications enhancing the pictures taken that has been possible. However using these built in camera sometimes stops you from getting the perfect shot that we crave for, and the reason being the limitations of the form factor and dedicated lenses. But Bitplay has the best possible solution in the market for you in the form of Snap 6. Started as a Kickstarter, they worked hard to get this magnificent set of the iPhone6/iPhone6 Plus case that perfectly fit each of the 5 lens in the set, in it.


What comes in a set?

I got a chance to use the Snap 6 Plus which is for the iPhone 6 Plus, the complete package includes the following things (You can buy the lenses separately as well, please find the links to each unit in the hyperlink):

All the units listed above can be bought separately however to make use of the full potential of the smartphone you will have to buy the complete set. Bitplay definitely managed to impress me with the presentation style with its small lens carry bags and good quality plastic caps on both the sides of the lenses, and because of this the lenses can be carried around even in rough conditions without being worried about them getting scratched.


The most important thing for a photographer in the camera is the placement of the shutter button, I agree that the iPhone 6 and other smartphones these days do provide you the volume rocker as a shutter button however the placement is not at all good, the Snap 6 Plus just did it right, the placement is as good as in a point and shoot camera, enabling you to control the shutter with your index finger. At first the case felt a bit bulky to use but with with more and more usage I realised that the grip becomes firm and the device more stable. The lenses can be attached very easily and safely by removing the lens cover on both the sides of the lenses. By default the case comes with a plastic frame attached on the camera hole, which seems to be useless to me.


The shutter button is not very sharp. There is a flex operation taking place inside the case when you press the shutter button, and the use of the shutter button makes it evident. There are three lugs for attaching the wrist strap and the most convenient is the one next to the camera lens. The Snap 6 Plus case comes with a normal plastic strap, but these guys were nice enough to send us the more classy leather strap that felt good in hand as well as with the device.


The set of lenses that comes with the case are the only lenses you would need for your iPhone. Since these are add on lenses for your smartphone you would not expect them to perform as good as the add on lenses with DSL however being a passionate photographer, I could not stop myself from being  judgemental.

The pictures come out really well for the macro lens and the telephoto lens but the pictures smudge a little around the edges with the wide angle lens and the fish eye lens. Now let’s discuss about each lens in details.

Macro + Wide Angle lens

These come as a set, you can screw them  together or detach them. If you want to use the macro lens then remove the wide angle lens from the top.  With 1.5X zoom in level, the pictures come out pretty well with the macro lens, the fact that only the parts of object that is at equal distance from the lens are in focus and rest are blurred out could be beneficial in some cases while could be disheartening at times. This problem arises because of the depth of the field.

Now coming to the Wide angle lens, it performs well in normal situation however if you observe carefully you will see smudges around the corners and this is one thing that I really did not like. Also I could see some straight lines appear to be curved across the picture. Apart from this, the wide angle lens performed well upto the expectation covering a wide range of area which was almost 30 percent more than that covered by the default iPhone 6 Plus camera.

Telephoto Lens

This is the biggest of the lot and feels quite heavy, actually feels like a good quality glass lens. The lens gives a good magnification level although at the expense of the image quality but that can be removed by cropping away a certain amount of the edges. It manages to give a good amount of clarity even for the farthest object.

Circular Polariser

This is the only lens which performed more than my expectations. It was successful in removing the glare off the pictures and provided a much sharper image with good contrast. The reflection caused by the molecules in the air was removed to a good extent. I tried this on water and metal, and the result was pretty decent.

Fish Eye Lens

I would not go into the technical details of this lens, since it did work for me to get that fun element in my pictures which a normal fish eye lens would do. I did not use it very often during my iPhone photography, and used it only when the intention was to create unique, exaggerated results ignoring the perspective and the distortion.

Let us now go through the Pros and Cons and the final verdict of the device.



Comes with a good set of all lenses The cover sometime causes the volume rocker to be pressed when its not in use
Fits the device perfectly  The size of the case is huge
The macro lens can capture really fine details, much more than I expected
Supported by the build in App
Shutter button placed at the right spot



I believe that the lenses sometimes becomes difficult to carry around and a bit inconvenient to change , since most of the time you use your smartphone to take a picture is in a hurry, its just this case when you consider the usability factor less than the convenience and you would prefer the clip on lenses more than such lenses, but for me the quality is more important that convenience. So if you are one of my kind, just hit the website and go for this amazing set of lenses.