After a sparse interface for about 3 years since its launch which was in year 2012, the most famous social networking app these days has finally added a new feature on its web version. Yes I am talking about the Instagram, the photo sharing app introduced a search feature in its web version starting from this Monday. Now it allows its users to search for other Instagram users, hashtags, locations which was earlier not possible.


This smart move by Instagram has made the already interesting and beautiful app more exciting. I know a lot of Instagram users who cribbed while using the app in web version because of its limited functionality, I am sure this move by the developers will bring a smile to their faces. Moreover I believe that this has made Instagram different from the other apps like the Snapchat which have shown disparity between the web and the mobile version. Recently the app also started storing the pictures at 1080×1080 pixels, that is a decent increase from the standard 640×640 pixel resolution.

There seem to be several reasons for this move by Instagram, the first and the foremost being the traffic increase, since these days more and more content from Instagram is being embedded by web portals, this would help them drive more and more traffic. Other reasons are of course towards making the web experience more pleasant. Although introduction of just one new feature makes it firm that Instagram will not favour web over mobile and they are going to remain in the mobile-first operation mode.

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