At a king size launch event held at Hyderabad, Chinese phone makers Gionee made their Elife S7 flagship smartphone official. The S7 is the third in the S series of smartphones from Gionee and is also the latest and greatest in terms of pure specs. A lot of anticipation had already build up around this launching, thanks to Gionee’s excellent marketing skills and strong industrial tie ups. Although many may claim it to be just another feature packed smartphone, there are certain selling points here which are not to be found elsewhere.



  1. A thickness of only 5.5 millimeters: 5.5 mm is really really thin. For reference purposes, the iphone 6 is 6.8 mm thin whereas the Galaxy S6 is 6.7 mm thin. Although it is not always ideal to co-relate thinness with awesomeness, yet it still is a factor many do consider. It may not be as thin as some of its other competitors such as the Oppo R5 and the Vivo X5 max (around 4.8  for both) for which Gionee’ president William Lu does provide us with a plausible reason. He says, “We believe Elife S7 will bring the future of slim smartphones to the next level. To make ever-slimmer phones, compromising on performance and function is pointless. Manufacturers should offer more features benefiting user experience other than just slimness.”
  2. No camera bulge: Despite being outrageously thin, and despite having a full blown 13 MP camera sensor the Elife S7 does not have any sort of a camera bulge. Thus typing or placing the smartphone on any surface is an absolute joy. Furthermore you are saved of those pesky camera scratches!
  3. The U shaped metallic champhers: The sides of this ultra thin beauty are carved out in the shape of an extended ‘U’ using aluminium-magnesium alloys. Such a peculiar design not only improves the grip on the smartphone but also makes it more resistant to bending. (Not a gimmick, there’s a science behind this)


Other specifications

  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Internal memory: 16 GB (expandable via micro SD)
  • Processor: MediaTek MT6572 (1.7 GHz true octa core)
  • GPU:
  • Display: 5.2 inch FHD (424 PPI)
  • 4G LTE support on both TDD and FDD
  • Battery: 2700 mAh
  • Dimensions: 139.8 x 67.4 x 5.5 mm
  • Weight: 127 grams


A few test notes

In our exclusive hands on time with the device, there were certain things which caught our attention. First, the Amigo 3.0 UI runs remarkably fast on this smartphone. The software has been well optimized for the hardware as the always-slick performance shows. Then we had our own apprehensions about the camera, the sensor being too tiny to make decent use of the light around it. But all such apprehensions were settled and settled for the good as soon as we brought it up on the smartphone. It captures some amazingly detailed shots, even in low light and is super fast to focus. The camera UI is clean although some work still needs to be done to make it a tad more appealing. Moving on to the inbuilt apps, there are a few notable mentions and the first that comes to my mind is the Chameleon app. It is a clever little app that creates instantaneously creates a UI theme based on the objects you point it towards. It looks good, performs good and feels good as well! The construction of the smartphone with glass panels sandwiched between metal frames gives it a premium feel, albeit at the expense of endurance. We are not sure about how well it’ll hold up against drops, especially with both the back and the front wrapped up in a shatter-happy glass! Last but not the least, we also observed the device heating up fairly quickly with use, although it is quite a norm these days, especially for a smartphone of such dimensions.

Priced at 25,000 INR, Gionee has got all guns blazing with their Elife S7. By all means it is a premium product and one to keep in mind while shopping for a flagship this year. A comprehensive review is in works so make sure that you stay tuned with us at Gadgetadda.