Thapar University: A Peek through

It’s no secret that the education scenario in India is despairing, and sorely needs a refresh with redefined teaching standards. There may be many star studded universities living off their bygone fame of old, yet there are rarely a fistful who understand this changing global scenario and adapt to them, accordingly. Patiala’ Thapar University is one of the select few who do so, and do so persistently. Established in 1956 as a passionate government aided collaboration, the university gained full autonomy in 1985 and today, comes highly regarded as one of the foremost, privately managed engineering institutions of the country. Such high regards aren’t wild speculations mind you, for there are concrete surveys to back them up.

Thapar university Ranking

“To be recognized as a leader committed to Excellence in Higher Education, Research and Innovation that meets the aspirations of the global community.”

The above mentioned words, constitute the vision with which Thapar University operates. They are renowned for constantly experimenting with changes and being among the earliest adopters of any groundbreaking techniques of imparting education. Nothing would make their vision seem more profound than their recent investment of over 130 crores in high quality concept classrooms, a much needed redesign often overlooked by all.


Achievements ‘Unlocked’

  • The university is widely deemed as a leader of its kind in Northwestern India, with active tie ups with many foreign universities
  • Accredited by the UGC, AICTE and NAAC, along with a recently gained environmental clearance (EIA) from the SEIAA, Punjab
  • Placements hover above the 90% mark on a regular basis, with the year 2012-13 just shy of an absolute 100%
  • Administered in a fashion that is typical of IIT’s
  • Its research department is extremely active, and highly regarded by various governmental and non-governmental forces alike. Its 131 ongoing research projects have raised a staggering total of 4 Million USD’s
  • 250 faculty members, with 67% percent of these being PHD holders
  • In houses a large number of clubs/societies
  • spanning across various departments and courses.

A Huge Campus

The university campus spans across 250 acres of lush green land. There are a total of 7 academic blocks, and hostel facilities for about 3200 boys. Each of the 6 hostels have separate gyming and common room facilities. Not to mention a centrally located market, complete with restaurants, laundries, cafes and general stores of its own.


Admission policy and courses offered

The university follows an extremely fair criterion for selection based solely on merit. Its commendable how there’s an absolute absence of any management quota, which translates to minimized fraudulent admissions. Furthermore, reservation is kept at a bare minimum, with just 7 seats for ST’s and 15 each for SC’s and NRI’s.The university touts a vast and diverse list of courses, ranging from specialized degrees in engineering and science, to many conventional graduate and postgraduate courses in management, arts and commerce. Greater details of the Thapar University admissions can be studied. Also, we found Thapar University’ fee structure quite reasonable for a private institution of such repute, and thus very welcoming.

Tu placements

For any other queries or confusions, students can make use of the free student helpline at Collegedunia, a web portal dedicated to providing quality information about education institutions across India. This is Gadgetadda, reminding you that the greatest treasure you keep is the knowledge you’ve gained and held onto in life!