What to expect from technology in 2015

2014 has ended on a happy note for tech companies as well as the consumer because various products were launched in the market and although major phone manufacturers were unable to produce phones quantifiably better than their predecessors, companies such as OnePlus and Xiaomi rose to the top after targeting brilliant marketing strategies, using optimal hardware and keeping their phones as low priced as possible. Let us end 2014 with a bang and predict what 2015 has in store for us.

VR headsets working

Oculus Rift

The only thing which gamers want before the Half Life 3 launch is the commercial launch of the Oculus Rift. Mark Zuckerberg was so impressed by the product he bought the company for $2 billion. It is a virtual reality head mounted display being developed by Oculus VR and that too for as less as $300. It had released two versions, Development Kit 1 and Development Kit 2 in 2014 and many users have bought it just for general use. The company said that the commercial version of the Oculus Rift will be available by 2015. Some companies already have virtual reality headsets like the Razer Hydra, Sega VR etc and even Sony is expected to launch its VR headset, Project Morpheus this year. Games currently with full or partial support include Left 4 Dead, Skyrim, Portal 2 and Half-Life 2.

While this technology is based only for Gaming as of now, the scope of it is endless. We hope to see the Oculus Rift in stores soon.

Project ara

Project ARA

Imagine that you have a phone, and everything is fine, but you hate the camera. For a phone with a better camera, you would have to buy a new phone entirely and this would set you back a lot of money. But imagine that you could change only the camera. That would indeed be awesome. Google’s Project Ara is something similar, but much more versatile and has immense scope. Imagine installing sensors or hardware according to your permanent or temporary needs. You can customize any part of the phone you do not like. This also means that you can literally ‘build’ your own phone. Also, you can change displays on your own and not pay huge amounts of money to get it fixed.

In Google’s project Ara, the hardware of the phone snaps out of place when you require to change it. It requires no degree in engineering whatsoever. It is indeed a brilliant idea and can cut down costs of replacing a phone every two years.

iPad Pro concept

An even bigger iPad

A bigger 12.9 inch iPad which is rumored to be called the iPad Pro is rumored to be under production by Apple. People were hoping to hear about it at the iPad Air 2 launch event but we are hoping to see it this year. If the rumors are to be believed, it must be a touchscreen laptop/iPad hybrid.

The sales of the iPad Mini are on a decline and this year too they have released a ‘revamped’ iPad with the fingerprint sensor and a gold finish. Apple needs to pay attention to the iPad Mini line of products as they are not being sold as dominantly as the iPad Air series.

Apple watch

Apple Watch

Apple has ventured into the watch segment and will be launching three versions of the Apple Watch namely the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition and you can also choose from a large number of customizable bands which can be easily customized if needed. It connects to your phone wirelessly and also monitors your heart continuously using the heart rate sensors embedded in the watch. Apple has finally made a product which understands that ‘One size does not fit all’. The models are expected to range from Rs. 25,000 for the basic watch to Rs. 3,00,000 for the 16 carat Gold edition.

Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft released a preview of Microsoft 10, the successor to Windows 8, which is a major flop. Windows 10 combines elements from Windows 7 & 8 and will try to get over the shortcomings of Windows 8. Windows 10 has also included the legendary start button and is trying to get as many users as Windows 7, which is still the most widely used operating system. It will run across a universal platform including phones and tablets.

Microsoft should focus on making its products that are familiar with the users who have also used Windows XP. Windows 8 was a completely new experience which was also buggy and many users did not like it.

Windows 10

Cheaper 4K TVs

2015 is the year for 4K. 4K is expected to go mainstream in 2015 and should replace 1080p televisions. This is because as more research and development is put into this technology it is expected to become cheaper. Also we should expect more content providers providing 4K content to the users. 4K content is not common and may take a while to replace 1080p TVs but 2015 is the year it gets cheaper and more commercially viable.

Curved/Bendable Displays

Curved displays have already made an entry in the market with curved LED TV’s and also with phones like the Note 4 Edge and the LG G Flex. This is the future of the display used on smartphones and it may be a while before we actually see bendable displays but the curved display shows the future of the displays on phones. This is just the start of bendable displays and is expected to go a long way into the future. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is rumored to have a display which is expected to bend on both edges. We can hope to see that in other phones as well soon.


Xiaomi Mi5 and OnePlus Two

These companies are expected to launch their flagship phones this year and their flagship phones namely the Mi5 and the OnePlus Two are rumored to be in development already. Both the companies had a tremendous year with their current phones. Xiaomi also went on to be number three in production after Apple and Samsung. Xiaomi is famous for giving similar features as high tier phones and still the phones are much cheaper. So there will be a lot of hope with the Mi5 being as powerful as people want it to be.

The OnePlus Two is rumored to be customizable and may have a smaller screen.  OnePlus One had a tremendous year in 2014 and is expected to have one in 2015 too. 2015 has a lot of hopes in store with the technology that is to be released. We are very excited in as to what’s in store for us ad what will drive the future.