If there ever were a contest for the most daring year in tech, 2014 would take the crown without breaking a sweat. Now many would argue that it is but natural for a succeeding year to be more tech filled than the one we left behind us. I’d say yes, undeniably true. But it’s a rarity to see so many new concepts being risked upon the treasury, concepts that are almost certain to bite the dust. And this is what distinguishes 2014 from any other year we’ve had before. An year marked by a passionately futuristic vision, driven more by innovation rather than by an immediate profit maximization. Also let’s not forget about the widely condemned yet honorable hope to bring about something new, something a bit more suitable for the century we live in. We also aim at awarding the noteworthy efforts by many famous or not so famous tech personalities around the globe, for it is they who drive the general consensus. So let us celebrate everything that 2014 endowed us with and cheer upon the possibilities for 2015.  Let’s know more on wrice.

The iPhone 6 bend test: Unboxtherapy:

‘For sparking one of the most talked about tech trolls of 2014’

It is not every year that you end up raking 60 million+ views on a tech video. For god’ sake that’s more than 6 times what the most expensive EDM video ever managed, deadmou5’ professional griefers. Damn it Deadmou5, It seems that a lot more people ‘like the sound of broken pieces’ than what you ever thought would (an unfortunate pun intended).To check nican for more about Technology.On a more serious note, this video single handedly ushered in an entire frenzy of people bending their iphones and putting them to demonic torture tests. And before long, this bendgate became one of the most searched upon topics of the year. Crazy right?

How BIG is Google: ColdfusTion

‘For beautifully summarizing all and everything Google in a package that also happens to be a visual treat of our near future’

Google is the company who will and is definitely going to shape up our future. Not Apple nor Samsung nor Microsoft or any other of the likes. And this video even less than a quarter way through will thoroughly convince any person in the world of the same. I always believed that Android was Google’s greatest acquisition. But I was terribly wrong for it seems that it was merely the fifth best. What Google holds for our past, present and our future goes way beyond a world domineering OS, or a capable smartphone. It essentially holds the key to the future of mankind. The video ingeniously describes how the next decade is going to be all Google. And even if the decade is going to be half as exciting as depicted here, it’s going to be one hell of a ride for all of us, and I mean all!

 iPhone 6 sapphire composure explained: MKBHD 

‘Kick starting a trend is an achievement worth applaud, but bringing one to a screeching halt is ingenious’

This video was all about display endurances, about what does and does not scratch a display. I finally know why and how a display scratches, and how much is too much for one. All the fancy marketing now makes sense, although now I feel more of a fool than ever, being tricked in the dark for this long! And as Marques remarks, let us all bid a final adieu to the ‘pointless’ knife blade tests (no pun intended!)

S health and Gear Fit review: Pocketnow

‘For bringing about the first thoroughly enjoyable wearable review, one that could change common perceptions about the segment’

Michael Fisher is an amazing tech reviewer, one who is adept enough to charm you with his style or move you with his words. None of this came out more profound as it did here, in a single video. We loved it when it came out early this year, and we still do today, if not more. Ah! Only if all wearable device reviews were like this, the segment could boom way ahead of time, all out of the curiosity incepted by Michael’s words and his genuine theatrical emphasis.

A parody on Apple: Matthias

For bringing about a beautifully woven satire on the biggest company in the world, Apple Inc.’

For ‘centuries’ Apple has been creating ‘the absolute best’ in electronics. The sapphire display is harder than anything that’ll come into contact in your pockets, like…keys and….something!

What is new is that we have ‘absolutely aggressive price points’. Just 399$ with a five year contract!

Well if these two choked you up, have a look at many others, all jam packed in this 3 minute L.O.L satire, which vehemently, almost unapologetically parodies everything Apple.

Oh, and ‘One more thing! We’ve added a new facial recognition software that instantly recognizes if you’re a high profile celebrity and then automatically shares your private pictures from your iCloud to your favorite social networks. Nudes for everyone!’

LG G Flex Torture test: FullMag

‘For ‘bringing to light’ a torture test like none other’

How do bullets, explosives and chemicals fuse with technology? Yes you guessed it right. Bizarrely is the word. FullMag is well known for testing out his devices in the most brutal of sorts, if not pointless. Yet even in this point blank range (or even point blank logic), he manages to wow people with his fancy shoot locations and 1 million FPS cameras. And that’s why this list would be deemed as incomplete without this video, even if it is not actually a 2014 creation. It is a must watch, by means best understood by our five senses, or non-senses? Whatever!

The empty car convoy dare: Hyundai

‘An absolutely enthralling demonstration of one’s in house technology’

How far can you go to convince your customers of your groundbreaking technology? An action movie of sorts, more fiction looking than reality this advert is guaranteed to redefine the way you look at cars, or better put, how you look at Hyundai. But beware, for this isn’t the only redefinition you’ll experience. You may start looking down upon your own good old car, I did, or start feeling frustratingly cringy at your paltry bank balance, I did!

A world without mobiles: Qualcomm

‘When humor effortlessly calmed down a heated up debate’

We may criticize technology to our heart’s content or argue incessantly about its merits in huge, internationally staged conferences, but once you watch this video, the oddities of a world bereft of technology chills to the bone. At the same time the video ingeniously makes use of visual humor to depict the advancements we’ve made in technology, and how we must be thankful for all of this rather than acting like a whiny old hag.


A display centric future: Samsung

‘Samsung gives us a free ride by the hand of our awesomely futuristic future’

If Samsung would go about depicting, ‘what was once hard to imagine into a reality’, the resultant video in a typically Samsung manner, would be laden with technology, up to the point where we start questioning its utility. But that’s not the point here. What matters is the vision, a concept for our future. And in that aspect Samsung hits the bull’s eye in this demo. I so wish I could live a 100 years so I could get to ‘review’ (a self-inflicted pun!) and experience all of this. Or wait, I guess it is better to wander around the future as a ghost in my afterlife. A bizarre thought I know, but nonetheless econo-friendly! Thumbs up to our childhood ghost stories!

Apple watch impressions by MKBHD

‘For an ingenious use of common sense and re calibrating the domain of techreviews’

Without ever having touched or seen the product, Marques manages to bring about those points that none other at the launch could even conjure. How cool is that? Furthermore, speaking out loud against an entire online community supposedly occupied with unanimously haling a newly launched device. How bold is that? In this Video Marques ingeniously reinforces his position as the number one tech reviewer in the world. All of this with nothing but common sense. And this is the very reason this video finds a place in this list, a second for MKBHD. It is a stark reminder of what tech reviewing should actually be about.

Top 10 tech 2014


That’s about it folks. Amidst a million tech videos, it’s not easy an affair to conjure a short list of 10. And we absolutely agree about the huge margin of error that may have crept up in the process. And that’s exactly where you fit in. We would love to hear about your favorite tech videos for 2014. Also, you can show some love and help us share this write up with the tech community. Let us all give credit where it is due, let us all get together and celebrate technology!