The HTC ONE M8, just like the M7 was one of the best flagship phones to be released this year. HTC had announced that it would be releasing the much anticipated Lollipop update for the M7 and the M8 users in the first week of February 2015. The tech industry has long been awaiting a glimpse of HTC’s vision for Android 5.0, and finally leaked screenshots of an M8 running Lollipop have surfaced on the internet. This tells us that the update may arrive sooner than expected. Android Lollipop is combined with HTC Sense 6 UI and after looking at the screenshots, there aren’t too many changes that look noteworthy. The UI looks very similar to the existing, Kitkat based iteration, although it feels more toned down than ever.

Let’s look at some of the features of the leaked upcoming HTC Lollipop update and what is to be expected after seeing the screenshots.

Animations: The Sense 6 on Lollipop has changes to animations and user interface that came with Android 5.0, such as the button press effects.

Notifications and Settings: Users will also get access to lock screen notifications, as well as quick settings and the new multitasking view from Lollipop, taking over from the old HTC view. The settings are also now searchable, just like in stock Lollipop.

Easy Mode: Just like Samsung has the Easy Mode to simplify things for the less experienced users, HTC has also included something like that. The basic functions such as the calculator or previous calls can be easily opened through this and can be used. This is helpful especially when driving.

HTC One M8 running lollipop

The screenshots tell us that an update might be on its way soon and it might be available as soon as the first week of January, a few sources state. Although, we at Gadgetadda do not find much of a difference from the last Android version, please do let us know what you think about it. We are guessing a few design changes should be on the way with the release of Sense 6 UI on the HTC M9 in March. A few looks into the Samsung leaks of the Lollipop version of its OS looks fantastic and quite sexy to be honest. The HTC Sense is the nicest OS around as of now and it would be a shame if Samsung got away with it this time.