Criticisms against Apple: Apple is nothing but a well marketed hype

The latest devices released by Apple are not groundbreaking in any sense of the word, there is no significant differences from its predecessors, no innovative new technology, not even a better camera, overall they are just old products packed in a brand new box. Case in point the iPad mini 2 and the mini 3, The iPad mini 3 was launched in the month of October this year, exactly a year after its predecessor the iPad mini 2, but one look at the device configurations you will be wondering as to what made Apple release the same product twice in the gap of an year, don’t believe me? Let’s have a look at the specifications.

Apple 2

IPAD Mini 2 Vs. IPAD Mini 3

The iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3 are both 7.5mm thick, they weigh 331g, and sport a 7.9in Retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536.

The inside of the iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3 is also an exact replica of each other, both boasting an A7 processor and M7 co-processor, dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0 and the same 10 hour battery life. Still not convinced?

The camera on the rear of both iPad minis is a 5Mp iSight camera, and the front is a FaceTime HD camera.

The storage options for the iPad mini 2 and the mini 3 are similar as well ,with both being offered in the 16 ,64 and 128 Gb variants, the iPad mini 3 does not come in the 32GB version while the iPad 2 does(that’s in fact a step backwards).

Fanboys may argue about the fingerprint sensor and the gold model that the new iPad mini comes in, but is it that significant enough to warrant shelling out 8000 bucks more? The world seems to think so, in spite of having critically condemned launches and mediocre products, Apple has still managed to double its market value this year, to a record high 700 Billion USD.


So what makes Apple achieve this? For starters a lot is attributed to the marketing hype that the company creates, to give credit where its due, Steve jobs apart from many things was a great salesman, he carved a niche for his products and perfected a marketing pitch that focuses on the attractiveness of the product than the core product itself, a philosophy that the company follows till date.

The second reason for the hype is Apples legacy, over the years almost every Apple product has been a breakthrough one, this has helped them achieve an almost unparalleled devotion and fan boy adulations in dominant sections of the society. This has transformed into the belief that however the product may be since it is an Apple it is bound to be good.


Yes Apple. Its really been way too long. For the matter is, that hype lives as hype dies, however great your marketing campaign or fan adulation might be, if you do not have a the products to support it there is a mighty high chance that things might not work out for you in the coming years. Not to take too much away from Apple, after all it has been on the forefront many technological inventions of this decade, it is also one of the few companies whose decisions have enormous impact on how we live in the world, but in this cutting edge world where  competition turns ideas into innovations in the matter of seconds, Apple needs to get back to its hey days, when its products were a combination superlative salesmanship and  insanely great products, the very stuff that saw Apple march from its humble beginnings to become the goliath of the tech world that it is today.