Android Lollipop update timeline: All you need to know

With the advent of the month of November, the long imminent Android Lollipop mania, has unsurprisingly taken over the world wide web. Everyday countless publications post countless updates to the rollout cycle and as such the entire time frame for the upgrade to the latest and greatest android yet, has taken shape of a confused mishap. We understand your state of mind, and as such this article is meant to clear out any and all of your speculations, and most importantly in the easiest of manners possible.

Every android beholder wants the lollipop update. And why shouldn’t they? It’s the biggest overhaul the operating system has seen in years, the first since Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich debuted in 2011. It improves upon the core aesthetics and the external elements in a way that makes the entire affair as tempting as a lollipop is, hence the name presumably. But sadly, not everyone would be tasting it, for even the fate of many yesteryear flagships is haunted by uncertainties. Furthermore, the update takes months to roll out even after timely updates start pushing out to the same devices in other regions. Carrier interventions, region restrictions and variant confusions makes the entire affair seem even more uncertain than they already are. You may end up securing more luck for yourself in a game of roulettes. Just saying.

But this is how android updates have always been working and, if trends do suggest something, they’ll keep on working in a similar manner. What’s striking though, are the new found uncertainties regarding the hierarchy in which the updates are to be made available. It has always been the Nexus devices first, followed up close by the Google Play editions and then other manufacturers following suite. But this time, none of the obvious seems even apparent anymore, as will be noted down below.

Google’s own Nexus lineup are the forerunners of the Android ecosystem.


Google’s nexus devices run a pure, stock version of android and are supposed to be the first to receive any updates to the Android OS. That’s the essence behind the Nexus branding i.e. the first to be updated, beginning on the launch day itself. But things look grave this time around, with a few bugs assertedly plaguing the final release, delaying it by over 10 days.

Which Nexus devices will be getting the lollipop update? Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7(both 2012 and 2013 models) and the Nexus 10. All of these would be updated to Android 5 Lollipop in the coming weeks.

  • When will the Nexus 5 receive the android lollipop update? Updates for the Nexus 5 are expected to start rolling out beginning the 12th of November, for the battery bug is now deemed as resolved
  • When will the Nexus 7 get Android lollipop? Updates for the nexus 7 tablet are expected to see the day of light beginning around the 15th of November, i.e. as soon as the Nexus 5 update gathers requisite traction
  • When is the Nexus 10 getting the Lollipop update? Nexus 10 is supposed to be receiving the update around the same time period as the Nexus 7 is, i.e. starting from the 15th of November. Though we expect a delay of about 5 days before the update actually starts rolling out
  • When will the Nexus 4 receive the Lollipop update? The update is due anytime in the second half of the month
  • Will the Nexus 7 2012 model get lollipop? Yes it will! Along with its 2013 variant, which is really impressive for its nearly 3 years old now

It must be noted that Google has posted official factory images only for the Nexus 9 and the Nexus player. Still unofficial ports are now viral for the rest of the lineup that require you to root and flash your devices. If you’re up for rooting and flashing you may want to check these ports out. Furthermore, the galaxy nexus is one of the most prominent Nexus devices to have missed the cut. This means that the Galaxy Nexus won’t be officially getting the Lollipop update.

The Google play edition variant of HTC’s One M8.


These are regular OEM handsets that run stock android OS, similar to Nexus devices. These aren’t available on contracts and have to be paid in full at the time of purchase itself from the play store. GPE’s are next to nexus devices in the update hierarchy

When are the google play devices getting the Android lollipop update?

The devices following under this category are all within the 18 month guaranteed update cycle by Google and thus, would be receiving the lollipop update. Thus the lollipop update for the google play editions of the HTC ONE, Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Z ultra, HTC ONE M8, LG G Pad 8.3 and the Moto G is expected in the month of December. Though a precise timeframe has not yet been made official.

The Android One family: Karbonn Sparkle V, Micromax Canvas A1 and the Spice Dream Uno


Exclusive to India at the moment, these devices are run and managed by Google themselves. They run a stock version of the android OS and tout guaranteed updates for two full years post their launch, which frankly put, is amazing!

When will the Micromax’ Canvas A1 get the Lollipop update? Along with the other two Android one devices, namely the Karbonn sparkle V and Spice Dream Uno, the canvas A1 is expected to get the lollipop update in the first half of December.

It’s highly unlikely that Google will port over the exact Lollipop ROM as on its high end Nexus devices to such lower end models. Owing to hardware restrictions, they might bring about only certain selected aspects of the Lollipop update to these devices. Still the fact that these devices would be running the latest version of android and ex-flagships like the galaxy S3 won’t be, is a tad too difficult to reason out.


Samsung electronics, in the past two years, have somehow managed to absolutely tarnish their fame for delivering timely updates, for once upon a time, it was second to none. Furthermore, Samsung has been resorting to mum measures as far as updates are concerned, and the same is the scenario here as well. Apart from the  Note 4 teaser that the company posted on twitter. there is no further word nor hint regarding their Lollipop plans for any of their devices.  

Which Samsung devices are getting the Lollipop update? In the most likely of scenarios, The Galaxy Note 4, the galaxy S5, the galaxy alpha, the galaxy s4, the Note 3 as well as the Galaxy Tab S are the only devices that would be receiving the Lollipop update by the first half of 2015. The mini variants of these devices as well as other middle segment devices may take as long as 8 months before the update graces their insides.

Still, Sammy is expected to update its latest flagships at a lightening pace, and as such here’s the speculation round up for prominent Samsung devices:

  • When will the Galaxy Note 4 receive Android lollipop update? Anytime in between the last week of November to the first week of December. Samsung has even teased the update on their Note 4, which apparently is going to be the first Samsung device running Android 5 Lollipop
  • When is the galaxy S5 getting Android lollipop update? Most likely by the end of this year, after the Note 4 updates start pushing out
  • When will Samsung galaxy S4 get android lollipop? The iconic GS4 is certain to receive the lollipop update early next year i.e. in between the months of January and February, along with fellow galaxy flagships, the Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy Note 3

A near final build of Android 5.0 Lollipop was recently tested by SamMobiles. Apart from the Lollipop visuals, the entire interface is updated to Touchwiz UX 3.0 to match the likes of the galaxy S5 and the Alpha.


Which devices missed the cut? If the 18 month cycle is taken into account, the Galaxy S3 and the Note 2 are some of the prominent yesteryear flagship devices which, bizarrely won’t be getting Android lollipop whatsoever. Further, many popular mid rangers such as the galaxy Ace 3, the grand 2 and even the upcoming Ace 4 won’t be getting Lollipop. Most of their tablet lineup is likely to be ignored as well. 


Where Samsung faltered, HTC shined through, as the past two years are witness of HTC’s glory with speedy updates. HTC had already promised the lollipop update for their One M7 and the One M8 within 90 days of receiving the official code from Google. True to their promise, they began with the timer on the 3rd of November. When will the HTC one M8/M7 get the lollipop update? Both of the devices are going to get Lollipop by the end of January next year, in line with their 90 days promise.

”HTC is excited about the new features in Android L and we can’t wait to share them with our customers. We are committed to updating our flagship HTC One family as fast as possible.We will begin rolling out updates to the HTC One (M8) and HTC One (M7) in regions worldwide within 90 days of receiving final software from Google, followed shortly thereafter by other One family members and select devices.”

HTC's One M8 will be tasting Android's sumptuous Lollipop flavours by the end of January 2015.

HTC’s One M8 will be tasting Android’s sumptuous Lollipop flavours by the end of January 2015.

Thus, apart from the M7 and the M8, all the devices within the one family range would be getting the lollipop update. This means that the HTC one mini, the One mini 2 and the ONE max will be getting the update, most likely by the end of the first quarter of 2015. The other select devices are most likely the premium desire handsets and butterfly models. Thus the recently launched HTC desire eye, the butterfly 2, the desire 820 and the desire 816 are all likely to receive the Lollipop update by the of April 2015. Which devices missed the cut? The Desire 616, One X + are most probably going to be skipped by HTC for the Lollipop update, condemning them forever to KitKat.

As of now, there is no mention of the dual sim variants of the One M8 and the One M7 as well as the recently launched One M8 eye. But we presume that HTC considers them to be one and the same as their regular models, at least as far as the updates go. But since these are region specific variants, their update procedure lends us little certainty. Being freed of carrier restrictions, these devices might get the Lollipop update a week earlier or even a week after their regular international counterparts.


LG is another major OEM who’s been unapologetically slouching as far as updates are concerned. Apart from their current flagship the LG G3, the update periods for the rest of their lineup remains unknown to all. Although there is no official statement coming from the OEM, we do expect the LG G2 to be updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop by the first quarter of 2015.

When is the LG G3 getting the Lollipop update? LG have confirmed the Lollipop update for their G3 by the end of this year, most likely to surface out beginning November in pace with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4. Which devices missed the cut? LG G pro missed out on the Android lollipop update. Also the fate of LG’s G flex remains unclear at the moment.

UPDATE: At the time of publishing, LG has claimed itself to be the first manufacturer ready with Android 5.0 update. The Lollipop update begins rolling out to its G3 customers in Poland  this coming week. Thus not only the Moto X and the Moto G, even LG’s G3 has beaten out Google’s very own Nexus for the latest update. Amusing to say the least!


Motorola is the only OEM who is officially slated to bring Android’s Lollipop experience to its entire 2013 and 2014 lineup. Not only have they impressed us with sheer numbers, they have also been making news for bringing updates faster than even many Nexus devices. Similar is the case this time around as well, for not even a week has elapsed since the official code was made available to them, and there are already numerous reports citing the Lollipop update ready for a rollout to the second generation Moto X. Further release notes detailing the Lollipop update for the Moto G second generation have also began surfacing over the web, signalling that an update is inbound on the Moto G as well. That’s phenomenal!

When will the second generation Moto X (2014) receive the lollipop update? Any day now! Keep an eye out for any update notification up top.

They’ve also setup an exclusive page that’s dedicated to tracking the update for all their devices in different regions. You can have greater insight at the Lollipop update for your device here

In an orderly manner, the Moto X 2013, the Moto G (2013 and 2014 and the LTE variants) the Droid turbo, Droid Maxx and the Droid mini and the Moto E can all be expected to receive the Lollipop update beginning the second half of this month, that is beginning around the 20th of November. The update procedure for all of these devices would be deemed complete by the end of January next year, which is real quick no matter how you rephrase it!

The best part? None of their devices missed the cut. Furthermore, the second generation Moto X and Moto G would be getting the lollipop update ahead of many nexus devices.

Sony teases Android Lollipop for its flagship Xperia devices. The Lollipop wallpaper keeps fading out towards the left the of the image, i.e. from The Z3 (right) to the Z2 (center) to the Z(left) hinting at the update hierarchy.


We’ll be making Sony Mobile’s Android “L” upgrade available for the entire premium Z series: including Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR, Xperia Tablet Z, Xperia Z1, Xperia Z1S, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1 Compact, Xperia Z2, Xperia Z2 Tablet, Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3v, Xperia Z3 Compact and Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact. Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition devices will be first up – more details on that soon. We’ll start the upgrade at beginning of 2015 for the core Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z2 series, continuing thereafter for all remaining devices above.

There’s nothing more to be said here, except for a few praises extended to Sony, for being so efficient and straightforward with their update procedure. A lot of love to you folks for not beating around the bush!


Although no official timeframes have been posted by the chinese manufacturer themselves, their Vice President Hugo Barra has assured us all of the Lollipop update for their smartphones arriving as soon as possible.Thus in an order, the Xiaomi Mi4, Xiaomi Mi3, the Redmi Note and the Redmi 1S are all expected to get the Lollipop update starting early next year. No further information is available on the matter.

Which devices missed the cut? Xiaomi’s Mi2 is almost certain to be skipped for Lollipop, sealing its fate to KitKat. Though unofficial Lollipop builds for the same are already circulating around the web.


Asus has had a super busy year with their excellent Zenphone smartphone lineup. Although many of these haven’t yet made it to 4.4 KitKat, a leaked document detailing Asus’ plans for Android 5 Lollipop has surfaced.

When will Asus’ Zen Phones get the Lollipop update? As per the document, the Zenfone 4, the Zenfone 5 as well as the Zenfone 6 are all slated to get the Lollipop update in the month of April next year. The Padfone S as well as the New Padfone infinity are also going to get lollipop, but later in the year in the months of May and June respectively.

Which devices missed the cut? The Fonepad 7, the MemoPad 7 and  the Memopad 8 have been skipped by Asus and won’t be getting the Lollipop update. But the 4.4 Kit Kat rollout to these devices is going to continue in the upcoming months.

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Nvidia had once promised, that their Shield tablet would be one of the first devices running Android Lollipop. And they seem to be holding true to their claims, for the manufacturer is all set to bring Android lollipop to their Shield gaming tablet by the end of this month.


The Chinese manufacturer OPPO has been making regular news for quite some time now. Initially the commotion centred around their cutting edge product designing and then later on for apparently having forgotten about these devices post sale. Oppo flagships like the N1 are still stuck on 4.2 Jelly Bean, eyeing for KitKat. Whereas there is no official word from the OEM for the Lollipop updates to their recently launched R5 and N3.

When will the Oppo N1/N3/ R5/N1 mini be updated to Android Lollipop? Absolutely no clue whatsoever, but we obviously do expect the update for all of these devices, if not sooner than later. In the second half of 2015 maybe?


OP adopts aggressive update cycles for their One plus one invite based smartphone.

OP adopts aggressive update cycles for their One plus one invite based smartphone.

The Cyanogenmod based OS of the One plus one has garnered the OEM, a lot of acclaim for its all-around brilliant performance, and when the company promised Lollipop within 90 days, it was nothing short of an icing on the cake.

When is the one plus one getting the Lollipop update? The answer is basic math i.e. by the end of January! sharing equal ground with the likes of HTC, Sony and Samsung.

This concludes our write up. If by any chance we missed your device, you’re more than welcome to bring it to our notice in the comment section below. Stay tuned with us at Gadgetadda where we continue our pledge to serve you with quality updates that actually matter.