Since Sailfish is an entirely new OS built from the ground up, there are elements of the OS that in order to be found, require delving into greater depths. In this guide, we would be walking you through three functionalities which aren’t easily located within the OS, and yet, are crucial to the optimum functioning of the smartphone.

How to take a screenshot in Jolla Sailfish? 

Since there is no inbuilt functionality for taking screenshots in Jolla, one has to rely on third party apps for the same


  • Open Jolla store by selecting the same from the application menu. Bring up the search box by pulling down from the center, and type in ‘screenshot’1
  • Two applications would turn up. We perform this tutorial using lbt’s screenshot application. Install the above using the same pull down gesture2
  • Once installed, open up the application and after the requisite settings have been made, click on ‘take screenshot in’ specifying the timer duration. Minimize the application using the swipe down gesture and head over to the targeted area for the screenshot



















  • Once the countdown completes, the application would automatically take the screenshot and save it to the gallery


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Not a very convenient way of taking screenshots, but still gets the job done pretty neatly.