The best part about the Sailfish OS is its capability of running most of the apps made for android, with little to zero requirements for a conversion. Android support is installed by default on Jolla, if at first boot, the user chooses to sign in to their Jolla account and then installs the ‘essential apps package’ recommended by the OEM. If not so, one can download and install ‘android support’ from the Jolla store and then proceed with the following steps.

  • Head on to the Jolla store and download the Aptoide Appstore for Jolla using the similar pulley down gesture. Alternatively one can even install the Yandex Store or the amazon app store for Jolla. We found ourselves comfortable with Aptoide and hence, have based our tutorial on the same

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    • Open up Aptoide from the application menu. The store home depicts a list of hot and rising apps at the moment. You can even update any app that has already been installed


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    • In the search box, type in the query i.e. the name of the application. If the application is not natively available in Aptoide, it’ll re direct you to its affiliated stores over the internet. Once found, the apk file for the specific app will be downloaded. We can even save the affiliated store within Aptoide itself for easier future access
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    • The application file, once downloaded, will bring forth to light the permissions it would require for its functioning. Once approved, the application gets installed and shows up in the App menu.17
    • Since the games are visualized on the sailfish app, on screen buttons pop up on the screen just like they do on android, and we can navigate through the same using these virtual buttons. In our testings, gaming performance proved to be reliable enough for everyday use


    • Similarly, more applications can be downloaded and installed. Also the latest build for Sailfish OS adds in capabilities for running multiple android apps at once as can be seen below


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    As we mentioned in our detailed review as well, Jolla with their Sailfish OS, have implemented support for android apps better than any other OS in the market, period. Apart from these stores, one can directly sideload apks and install them with ease.

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