Who likes discounts? We guess everyone. E-commerce in India is booming at an unprecedented rate. Online retailers like Flipkart and Snapdeal are already giving a tough competition to the Offline retailers (let’s call them that!), but something is missing, something that is the unofficial national right of every Indian and that something is Bargaining. We Indians bargain more than the people of any other country but due to rise of e-commerce we are being deprived of our unofficial national right. So what’s the next best thing? Yup! Using Coupons, be it a pizza place, clothing store, cinema or an e-commerce site we all have used coupons.

CouponRani is a website for free coupons for various online retailers. CouponRani isn’t the only site for coupons, Web is full of such sites but they all have the same problem, Low Success Rate. Let’s see if Coupon Rani is any different.



coupon rani Homepage

CouponRani follows the traditional and well familiar design on their site, with the deals and coupons categorized according to their type and also allowing the users to find the desired deal via their custom search. CouponRani also has its own Google Chrome extension which allows users to find the best deals on the visited website. The homepage of the website displays the top deals on the various E-commerce websites like Snapdeal and Flipkart.

Google Chrome Extension

CouponRani google chrome Extension is one handy tool, with just a click of an icon, users can get all the relevant deals on side of the screen. Users can get the Extension from here.

coupon rani extension


Coupon rani has an enormous catalogue of deals and they claim their special team updates/tests the coupons every day, which is impressive considering the size of the catalogue.

So we decided to test their claim by testing some of the coupons but not for sites like Myntra, Snapdeal or Flipkart as these are the most visited sites in India. We avoided the obvious site because many sites only updates the deals of the major online retailers and at the same time shows the outdated deals for the not so famous places like restaurant of specific brand retailers.

Test 1: Food Panda

Food panda is an online portal for ordering foods from various restaurants in your city, Foodpanda too was available on CouponRani, so we decided to give its coupons a try.

We went to CouponRani Food Panda section and chose the “Buy 1 and get 1 free” deal for pizza hut. On clicking the link, we were taken to the food Panda’s  deal with the deal being automatically activated, so we didn’t had to add any coupon code manually and after choosing the first pizza, we got our 2nd pizza for free!

pizza hut deal on coupon rani

food panda deal activated

Food Panda Checkout

Test 2: Dogspot.in

Dogspot.in in an online market place for Pet products, we visited CouponRani Dogspot page and clicked on the 15% off coupon, but during the checkout, the coupon of 15% discount was not working. But then we were given another coupon of 15% itself by the Site, we hope CouponRani will solve the issue soon.

dogspot coupon on coupon rani

dogspot deal activation

dogsot checkout

Test 3: Zansaar

Zansaar is an online retailer for home furnishings. So to check the success rate, we once again went to CouponRani and searched for Zansaar. Similar to other queries, we were able to find the Zansaar page on CouponRani. Similar to previous results, even this time coupon worked without any error.

Zansaar coupon

zansaar activationCheckout Zansaar

Success Rate

CouponRani coupons do have a good success rate, in our test we had a success rate of 100 % but while shopping on Dogspot.in, coupon did not activate itself, although Coupon did work when we added it manually, this isn’t a big problem especially after considering the benefit we can derive, so make sure that your coupon is activated when using coupons from CouponRani, and we are sure that CouponRani will do something to make the experience in more smoother.


GO FOR IT! , that pretty much sums it up, after all it’s free and helps you save money for sure. On comparison with the Competitors, CouponRani does proves to be a strong candidate because of its simple layout and very high success rate. CouponRani’s google chrome extension is also a plus point as it helps you save time by showing the relevant deals by just click of an icon. The fact that CouponRani covers even single brand retailers, gives them a point.

So make a self-note of visiting CouponRani before every online purchase.