In the Battle of the Operating Systems, Mac’s do have some tricks under their sleeves. Track pad on Mac supports many gestures by default, which is not always possible on Windows as windows are not always running on the same hardware and thus requires drivers.

Some the Track Pad tricks on Macintoshes are listed below

  1. Swipe vertically with 2 fingers.

Users can scroll vertically on a page by using two fingers. Just put 2 fingers together and swipe up and down to get the work done.

  1. Swipe down with 3 fingers.

By swiping the 3 fingers down, Mac shows all the running application and windows at the time, even the safari windows running in the mission control.

       3. Swipe Up with 3 fingers.

Mission control Mode, feature allowing you to see all the running application and desktop spaces. Mission control can be activated by putting 3 finger together and swiping up.

  1. Swipe sideways with 3 fingers.

Sideways swiping with 3 fingers switches user to next desktop in the mission control. Just put your finger together and swipe away!

  1. Swipe towards left from right with 2 fingers in safari.

By swiping towards left from the right side of the track pad in safari, users can go “back” to the last page in the history

  1. Pinch with 3 fingers and thumb.

To launch Mac’s “Launchpad” feature. Launchpad shows all the applications in grids for convenience. User can do so, by swiping 3 fingers and thumb together towards each other.

  1. Spreading 3 finger and thumb.

By spreading or un-pinching 3 finger and thumb, users can switch to desktop and hide all the applications.

  1. Taping on a word with 3 finger.

Taping on a word in safari with three fingers will show the definition and the Wikipedia page on the same word.

  1. 2 taps with 2 finger

By taping twice with 2 fingers, users can zoom into safari pages and can zoom out by doing the same.

 10. Drag Windows with 3 fingers.

Users can drag windows around the screen by just tapping and holding the 3 fingers together and moving them around.

Featured Image Courtesy: CNET