Yahoo which has been quite for a while in terms of acquiring startups is now back and this time their eyes are on Flurry which a mobile analytics startup. With this, the company might be looking to boost its mobile advertising business which is still quite behind when compared to Facebook and Google.

Six-year-old Flurry uses analytics to help target ads at consumers by monitoring activity on more than half a million apps on some 1.4 billion mobile devices around the world, Yahoo said in a statement on Monday. The company says that Flurry helps brands and marketers to reach out to the desired audience.


There has been no word yet on the amount Yahoo is paying to buy Flurry but the tech blog Re/Code estimated it to be a few hundred million dollars. Yahoo said that the mobile analytics startup will continue its operations in the same manner after the deal is closed and would continue operating from the same location.

Marissa Mayer has now completed two years at Yahoo and the company is still trying to boost its online advertising business. She has done a lot to revamp a number of web products by Yahoo but the ad sales department still lags behind its competitors.

Image Source: Appsnow