Opera Mini Browser has received its biggest ever update on iPhone and iPad with the Opera Mini 8 on Tuesday. The app can downloaded for free from the App Store and it is aimed at making the web surfing experience faster, cheaper and in-line with the flat design of the iOS 7. You could choose from among three different modes on the Opera Mini 8 on your iPhone and iPad:

  • Opera Mini mode offers huge compression of web traffic, up to 90%, and data savings. In areas with poor coverage and tough network conditions Opera Mini saves both time and money.
  • Opera Turbo mode saves slightly less data than Opera Mini mode, but offers better website compatibility, making it the ideal browsing mode for most users.
  • Data savings off is a no-compression, straight-to-the-source option, that ensures maximum website compatibility.

These options can be used in different situations. When you are using a high-speed Wi-Fi you could use the Data Savings mode which offers no compression and is a straight-to-the-source option which ensures maximum website compatibility. Opera Mini mode can be used when you are travelling abroad and the Opera Turbo mode can be used with your regular data plan.


Beautiful design

There has been a radical change when you compare the surface design of Opera Mini 8 to the previous versions and is highly supported by the iOS 7 flat design while using transparency to visualize layers. This update involves developing elements right from ground zero to fit in the new iOS and also be user-friendly at the same time. You could also choose from a number of themes if you are not too satisfied the default design.

Speed Dial tabs

The new Discover feature can be used by swiping to the left and is used to pull fresh content from the web. Or, you could customize the Speed Dial entries to set them to the sites you visit often.


Stack it up

The new tab gallery is aimed at making the web browsing simpler and quicker. The tabs now show a view of what site is opened and hence gives a quick overview so that you could use simple gestures to open them. Talking about privacy, you could use the “New Private Tab” feature which disables history recording and cookie storage.

There’s more to Opera Mini 8

Here are some more features shipped with this update:

  • The combined search and address bar means you can get search suggestions or go to a web address right away.
  • The new QR reader is a nifty addition, as is the ability to share URLs via QR code.
  • Easy editing of addresses and search terms using a slider means no more hunt-and-peck to put the cursor where you want it.
  • The ability to switch search providers easily means more efficient searching. Want to check if that actor was in that movie with that other guy a few years ago? Just enter his name and select “IMDB” as the search option, to get the facts directly from IMDB. This works with providers such as Amazon, eBay and Wikipedia, too.