Huawei Power-Fi E8221 Review: Wi-Fi Datacard Offers Speed Upto 14.4Mbps


Huawei recently launched a number of mobile broadband datacard devices which have built-in Wi-Fi adapters. They have been put into three categories- (E303FH, E3531, E303U, E3121), Power-Fi (E8221, E8231, E8131) and Mibi-Fi (E5220). These datacards start from Rs. 1,200. We got hands on a Huawei Power-Fi E8221 and we will talk about it here. Launched at a price of Rs. 2,499, it is now available at Rs. 2,099 on Flipkart.



Talking about the design of the datacard, it looks like any other datacard that you might have seen in the market. You could insert a SIM-card from the back side. The front features two small lights- one indicating Wi-Fi connectivity and the other for internet connectivity. It supports speed upto 14.4Mbps. You can use a SIM card of any operator and it works perfect. We got a black unit for review and used a Vodafone SIM for internet connectivity.

Features and Performance


Huawei Power-Fi E221 can act as a Wi-Fi hotspot and can connect upto two 10 devices. the devices can be laptop, smartphone, tablet or anything that is capable of wireless connectivity. The datacard provides connectivity of GPRS/EDGE/ HSPA (14.4Mbps – HSDPA, 5.76Mbps HSUPA). It works seamlessly with any power source. We used a Phonesuit power bank to use the datacard and faced no real issues in the connectivity.

One thing which we were impressed with was that there is absolutely no configuration required by a laptop or a PC to get going. All you need to have is a power source. The moment you connect it to the source, you can connect any device to it using Wi-Fi connectivity.

On your Windows machine, there is no need install any Huawei software and the dashboard automatically shows up when you enter the default address in the address bar. From the settings menu, you can change the password and also select the mobile network mode to 2G or 3G depending on your usage and SIM card.



Available at just over Rs. 2,000, Huawei Power-Fi is an apt choice if you want to use Wi-Fi on a device. With a hassle free setup, it is easy to use and can connect to up to 10 devices at a time.


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