Microsoft earlier announced the details for a remastered Skype 5.0 app for iPhone with new additions. The app is finally out on the App Store now and is available for download. “We were excited to use your feedback to remaster the app around you, to help you connect with your friends and family simply and quickly,” stated Gary Wong from Skype on the official blog post.

The company claims that the Skype 5.0 app has been developed right from the scratch and is expected to be 5 times faster than the previous version. This includes smoother scrolling, transitioning and animations, but not at the cost of the overall performance and battery life.


Skype 5.0 is a ‘Remastered for iPhone’ app and has been completely optimised for iOS and Microsoft is calling it the biggest ever change for the iPhone version of Skype. The old classic tab is now out and large new colourful buttons make a debut. The new update has also made improvements in notification syncing. Once you read a message on a device, it marks it as read on the other devices too where you have signed in with your Skype account.

Group chat is another feature made available on the Skype iPhone app. Messages and photos wcan also be sent to users when they are offline and they could view them whenever they go online. The remastered version for iPad is expected to be out soon.


Image Courtesy: Product-Reviews