Megavenues is an easy way to list a venue

Having your birthday party at a grand five star hotel does seem to pay off nowadays as it certainly seems helpful in acquiring new friends as well as maintaining a reputation as a mini- celebrity, something we all certainly want to possess in our own circle of people. But, there is the difficulty of planning and execution with precision to achieve success with immense satisfaction. After all the e-commerce business models by the Flipkarts and Amazons, the e-service models have come up to help people with services that one would never have imagined to be possible a few years back. To book the right place and time for that big birthday bash, we present MegaVenues to you.

Headquartered at Pune, MegaVenues is a startup that has grown to provide Venue-booking services in seven major cities across India including Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Goa and Delhi, MegaVenues aims to lead the bunch in this unique and useful line of services.

Shrinivas Chaphalkar, Co-founder, MegaVenues

Shrinivas Chaphalkar, Co-founder, MegaVenues

Founded by Rahul Rane and Shrinivas Chaphalkar on 9th September 2013, the company has grown by leaps and bounds to partner with several top rated venues of repute in acclaimed top tier hotels in the industry. This is evident from their overwhelming clientele list on the website. It is certainly a win-win for both sides when a venue owner lists his showing on the website as it provides a platform for him to invite bookings as well as for the MegaVenues team to generate revenue on a per-lead basis.

MegaVenues enables you to book a venue based on your requirement, be it a wondrous Wedding or a meeting or even a Conference to bring out importance to a subject. All you need to do is determine the number of invitees and the location from the listings provided on the website which can be filtered by the type of occasion. Being a Chenaiite, mentioning GRT Grand in T.Nagar creates a buzz among people and to have it among the listings is a piece of art.

There is of course, a backend team to ensure that your request gets processed successfully on the required date within your budget requirements. This relationship-maintenance is certainly a necessity keep both sides happy.

Rahul Rane, CEO, MegaVenues

Rahul Rane, Co-founder and CEO, MegaVenues

According to co-founder and CEO Rahul Rane,

“For venue owners, the website is already generating leads worth Rs.2- Rs.3 Crore per week and this number is growing each week. With Delhi going live and the number of hits on the website doubling each month, we are targeting to take this number up to Rs.40 Crore per week by December 2014.”

The venues themselves are divided into Open-Air, Multipurpose Banquet Hall, Party Venues, Business Venues, Convention Centres and Art Galleries. You can also search for venues by event type. Searching is made simple as a couple of parameters can be tweaked to suit your preference. You can limit the capacity size as well as decide on the layout of the venue from a set of options like Open, Conference Style, Classroom Style, U Shape and Theatre Style.

Once you click on a listing, it shows you a dazzling array of detail. The venue could be best suited for Birthday parties or it could feature a DJ to pump the entertainment quotient. The technological means to provide a formal presentation or even an informal toast to the bride that the venue provides is also specified, be it Projector Screens, Whiteboards or even built-in audio video setups. A map is also provided to get directions to the venue. A directions option would have been nice. We also see that there is a Send Enquiry option which is pretty good if you need more detail. Contact numbers of the venue are also specified for the more inquisitive ones. The review option enables users to send feedback on the venue so that others could benefit from it.

The company must aim to make a difference between the customer sending an enquiry to them, and the customer calling up the venue directly after looking it up on MegaVenues. One thing that was missing is the typical pricing for a standard scenario at a venue. This can be provided to give a good idea to the person organizing the event so that he could manage his costs. Also, the food detail is not mentioned for most venues as to what options are available in terms of buffets and their pricing on a per plate basis. As it is in beta, some venues have been given star ratings by the website itself, while most others are devoid of stardom.

Conference Venues Megavenues

Conference Venues listed at Megavenues

The competition is not very stiff in this sector as competitors like Meraevents, Urbanrestro, Venuepick, Venuebookingz are slightly out of sorts at a couple of places here and there be it in terms of the number of cities conquered or even the service as such. MegaVenues does have an edge over them due to the high number of locations that they cover. Also, they are looking to expand to eight more cities by December 2014.

So, you can go all Carly Rae Jepsen if you are a Venue manager and say,

Hey I just met you
And this is crazy
But here’s my number
So call me maybe,

or you could go the MegaVenues way.