The drone startup making high-flying robots has now been acquired by Google. It was earlier in news that Facebook too has eyes on it, WSJ reported. There has been no word on the purchase amount involved. However, the deal was soon followed after Facebook announced acquisiton of Titan Aerspace’s competitor Ascenta in U.K. Both Titan Aerospace and Ascenta specialise in high altitude drones which travel on the edge of the earth’s atmosphere.


The drones are meant to create a blanket of Internet providing connectivity to the remote areas. As per the reports by WSJ, Titan Aerospace will be taken by Google as a means to take Project Loon further. If you remember, Project Loon by Google is aimed at providing Internet to remote areas using balloons. These drones have the ability to take high-quality images in real-time, thereby helping Google in the Maps domain. Also, it will help in disaster relief, Google told WSJ.

Similar to Facebook, the aim behind this acquisition is to deliver Internet to remote areas of the world. Also, once you know you are one of the wealthiest companies in the world, you don’t just continue with the usual services, you are expect to build something new. Sarah perez tells that it was not easy for Titan to bring in the VCs for the massive drones flying at an altitude of 65,000 feet, there was a lot of risk involved. However, VCs showed trust and these massive drones can cruise to upto three years.