pavilion 10

Net books are on the brink of extinction and HP while it has had its share of launches at this year’s Mobile World Congress that was held at Barcelona, it tries to gain market in a domain which has no players by planning to lure customers through its latest addition to the pavilion series of laptops – The HP Pavilion Touch smart 10.

Features HP Pavilion Touchsmart 10
Operating System Windows 8.1
Processor AMD A4-1200
Storage 320 GB
Display 10.1 inch Diagonal HD Touchscreen
Graphics AMD Radeon HD 8180
Software Windows Embedded 8 Handheld

 At normal specifications that are housed in a netbook, this offering from HP costs almost Rs 30,000. I would clearly point all my fingers towards the touch screen feature in this netbook. On the looks front, it does look distinctly stylish making it a perfect accessory to hold while going for a meeting.

HP’s signature includes kramping the keyboard to the smallest size possible and it does do that in this too. AMD A4 processor is weak and lacks power with regards to performance. The graphic card is no where compared to the typical inbuilt ones by Intel as the latter is good for normal gaming.

Performance wise all this netbook can be used for is e-mails, YouTube videos, drafting documents, making presentations since anything more than this makes the notebook lag or underperform so badly.

While the 720P videos were good to watch, 1080P was an instant putdown as the audio and the video were out of sync and there were a few dropped frames.

Battery life was a reasonable 4 hours almost during heavy usage whereas at normal it did last just close to 7 hours.


If you want a netbook for office purposes alone with a touch screen capability then this is for you or else just keep away from this since at the mentioned price there are laptops that perform so much better.

Image Courtesy: HP