The Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx K3011 has two parts : the Lynx as a tablet, and the overall package with the keyboard dock attached. It weighs just more than 640 grams as a tablets and the keyboard dock adds another 660 grams to the weight. In combination, the entire package weighs pretty much like an ultra book. There is no doubt that the lynx is good to look at with the darker tone at the front and the lighter rubberised finish at the back. The critical aspect is the keyboard. The key design is similar to some of the recent IdeaPad and Yoga machines.

The 11.6 inch screen on the Lynx does not have a Full HD resolution and instead is limited to 1366×768 pixels. In the proper tablet mode, a higher resolution would have been preferred to bring it in line with the Android tablets in the same price bracket. Touch screen response is accurate and quick which makes using Windows 8.1 a lot more fun.

Lenovo claims 8 hours battery life from the tablet’s battery, and another 8 hours with the dock’s additional pack. The Clovertrail based Atom Z2760 dual core processor, paired with a 2GB RAM is no performance charts scorcher. The 64GB flash storage is fairly quick and the performance is fairly smooth. All in all, you get a very competent performer with the main focus being good battery life, albeit very successfully.

All things considered, there is enough evidence of the IdeaTab Lynx to be very functional and a reliable performer, with extreme flexibility of the proper tablet mode and the keyboard dock.


Display 11.6 inch IPS (1366×768 pixel)
Processor Intel Atom Z2760 ; 2GB RAM
Storage 64GB flash+ expandable
OS Windows 8.1

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