Like to keep a note of the things you do in your day? Here’s Flava for iOS and Android users, which illustrates all your recorded events in a timeline format.  You can capture all those special moments that you want to cherish, relive and enjoy sometime later.

So the next time you are at your favourite restaurant- having your favourite delicacy- with your favourite friends; take a photo; write a few words about the incredible ambience; select a mood from the options given; tag the event with some keywords and wallah! You have captured the moment on Flava!

Flava Timeline

Flava Timeline

Flava is a simple diary app developed by Greenmonster, Inc that logs your events with date, time, location, mood, weather, photos, videos, links, voice notes and much more. There is a book and a movie option. You can enter the name of the book and write something about how impressive or boring the book is and log the event. It allows you to tag events with keywords and location based data.

The best thing is that you can backup all your events to an online account provided at www.takeflava.com and sync the Flava across all your devices. Unlike the traditional diary, it is password protected, so the next time somebody tries to peep into your small and interesting world, you can shoo him away!

With a simple user interface and ease of use, Flava definitely makes note taking or diary writing, more interesting and creative.

Check out their intro video here!



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