The EOS 70D picks element from Canon’s existing models and repackages them with some new features. It inherits the 19-point all cross type AF sensor of the EOS 7D, with built in Wi-Fi of the EOS 6D and the fully articulated touch screen display of the 650D. While the body style and construction are almost the same as the EOS 60D, there are quite a few changes in the controls. The EOS 70D body is very much like the 60D, but smaller and more plastic. The controls are placed in the same areas. The Canon EOS 70D is built with a polycarbonate body around an aluminium chassis and weighs just 755 grams.


In the EOS 70D, they have integrated the articulating screen with a high resolution glare-free display, a quick control screen and touch screen functions making the EOS 70D easy to use as you can change all the key settings very quickly and easily through well designed menu display. The touch sensitive screen also lets you select focal points during video recordings by tapping the screen to select focus area. The control buttons are the same as its predecessors but a new addition is the dedicated focus area expansion control. The key feature of 70D is its new Dual Pixel CMOS AF.


Each pixel is made up of two photodiodes and each of these functions as a pair for phase difference autofocus during live view shooting and video recording. This is the first time that each pixel is containing an element of phase difference AF as well as for imaging capabilities. With previous DSLR technologies, when you record videos or capture images using LiveView mode, the ability to autofocus is drastically reduced and tracking a subject is not possible. With Dual Pixel CMOS AF, autofocus takes a significant technological leap and removes this hurdle allowing you to simply frame your subject while recording videos.


Price of EOS 70D (Body only) – Rs 79,995

Price with 18-55 mm lens       – Rs 85,995

Price with 18-135 mm lens     – Rs 1,02,995


If you are looking for your first mid range DSLR which is not only capable of still images but also gives professional video output, then this is it.


Image Sensor 20.2MP
Memory SD/SDHC/SDXC cards
Movies 1920×1080, 1280×720, 640×480
Continuous Shooting 7 fps
Mount Canon EF/EF-S

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Image Courtesy: Ephotozine