While the downloading whatever we want using torrents is gaining a large share of internet usage apart from that through mails, Facebook and Twitter, imagine viewing whatever you download through a projector in full HD at a price far more cheaper than what it was few years back. The mere thought itself would make us dream immediate options as to what we would do if we own one. My choice is the best small projector that checks all the boxes |

BenQ ensures that dream of ours is an achievable reality through its latest offering in the form of a projector – W1070 that is currently priced at Rs100 short of a lakh (Rs 99,900).

The W1070 is a good looking small projector, measuring 13 inches wide by four inches tall and around 10 inches deep. It weighs six pounds and features a duo-tone color scheme.


The lens is at the middle to the right with the left of the front dominated by vents. Up top and behind the lens are the manual lens controls like zoom, focus and vertical shift. The input options consist of two HDMI inputs, component video, USB, PC (15-pin), RS-232, S-video, composite video with a pair of analog audio inputs and audio outputs. The projector has a built-in 10-watt speaker.

The W1070 utilizes Texas Instruments’ latest DarkChip3 DLP technology makes 1080p HD viewing experience awesome. The aspect ratio is 16:9 with obvious support for 4:3 and 2.35:1 available as well. Brightness is measured at 2,000 ANSI lumens, with contrast being told at 10,000:1. The W1070 is 3D-enabled including supporting the last variety of its Nvidia 3DTV connectivity. We need to buy the glasses as they do not come with the projector even though we surely would have hoped to that we could get one if not two.

The remote is designed with the business user in the mind and not for typical home users. It’s pocket-sized and can to be operated at a decent amount of ambience. The end user is satisfied with the necessary control that the remote offers to operate the W1070.


There is not much to complain except that remote control is a bad and the 3D glasses, which aren’t included, are too big and heavy.

The W1070 provides a simple and easy to navigate menu system that includes a two-point white balance control and a colour management system. The video processing is also very good, so whether you were watching standard or high definition content, the W1070 will make it worth your while.

The black levels are mediocre at best which is somewhat expected on a budget DLP projector. The BenQ W1070 represents a new benchmark in terms of price and it’s hard to imagine that a 1080p 3D projector could be priced so low.