Image courtesy: Steam Official Website

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]et’s say you have this awesome AAA game in your mind and you have read its reviews on several sites like IGN, Polygon or Kotaku and all of them have given great reviews for the game. But you still have that tiny nag, that little itch that you want to scratch off, in the sense that you would like to try the game (atleast a couple of levels) and then spend 60$, if it is worth buying. What if you could add to it your achievements from the tryout phase?

The answer to all this is given by Steam’s Family Sharing Feature (FSF).

Launch as beta feature last September, Family Sharing Feature allows you to share your library with friends and family on up to 10 authorized devices. So your friends can play a couple of your games on their computers. All they have to do is send you a message requiring your authorization. In-game achievements will be saved for the user who plays the game and not for the person providing it. Note that there is always a “but” when it comes to doling freebies out.


Image courtesy: Steam Official Website

But, while your friend is playing your game, you are not allowed to access your account. So when you are not available at home, your friend could avail his play time. Also, games that require subscription fees or a third-party key are not part of this feature. One other problem is that you also have to download the game to your local hard drive before you can play it or you could just copy the local contents to your hard drive from your friend if he lives in the neighbourhood.

Valve has made this feature available to all users starting this week.

Featured Image Courtesy: Steam