“Free calls”, the term may not be new with Skype, Viber and plenty other apps available across all mobile phone operating systems but FREEKALL has given a completely new definition to it. It is a service where you do not need an app or an internet connection; all you need is your phone- any phone.

FREEKALL is a Bangalore-based Cloud telephony startup founded by Yashas C Shekar, Vijayakumar Umaluti and Sandesh E. They have developed a service where a user can call any mobile or landline for free without using internet or installing any applications.  To use the service, users have to call their number 080-49202060 after which the call will drop and they will receive a call back. They can answer the call and dial the number of the person they want to talk to, followed by the symbol #. Both calls will be bridged and users can talk for free. The call will be embedded with a 10 second offer or an advertisement for you to listen and them to make money.

The service is presently in the beta stage wherein the users can use 3 minutes/day without registering. The registered users get 12 minutes/day of free calling. Users can register on their site. Once the beta is over, the 12 minutes/day cap will be removed and users can talk as long as they want.

The service which went LIVE recently got an unexpectedly huge support and their number went ‘busy!’  Their facebook post read the following;

“As we are in beta stage, we didn’t expect that we will run short of capacity 10000 calls/second. That’s why some people are getting user busy. We are working on the expanding the capacity. Regret the inconvenience, Keep the support going. Cheers!”

Check out their YouTube video demonstrating their service!