Image Courtesy: Learn.code.org

How does one become a millionaire in a couple of days? You might probably think of trying your hand at the casino while playing megareel.com, but then again you might end up losing as much as well. Well Dong Nguyen, creator of Flappy Bird didn’t expect his brainchild game to end up becoming a viral hit and generate $50,000 a day. Now you can learn how he created the game and create your own version of the game on Code.org.


Image Courtesy: Official Code.org website

Having said that, you might start thinking about complex terms like Javascript, Python blah blah. Let me assure you that even a six year old will be able to create on in under 5 minutes. That’s how easy it is. Code.org takes you through baby steps to make you understand the thought process and the logical decisions you have to take while designing a game. The learning platform is divided into eight stages.

For example, the first stage asks you to define what should happen if you click on the screen. Predefined Events like “when click” are already in place like a jigsaw puzzle waiting to be solved. You just need to drag and drop the remaining pieces to complete the event’s functionality. For instance, the block called “play wing sound” could be dropped under the “when click” block so that the sound plays out each time you click the screen.

Then you go on to defining what happens when events like “pass an obstacle”, “hit the ground, “hit an obstacle” and “when Run is clicked” occur.

On the final stage, you are allowed full freedom to create a customised version of Flappy Bird. I ended up creating a game which will change backgrounds and characters each time you pass an obstacle. Yes, you are provided with different backgrounds that feature day, night, city, sunset landscapes and also hilariously different characters like a fish, Superman and so on.

You can find my game here!

Code.org aims to change the way we see programming. They want to make it look as easy as possible for newcomers so that they are not left in the drain when learning something new. Their main philosophy indicates that anyone can code, be it NBA star LeBron James or even President of the USA, Barack Obama.

Go on, code your way to glory!