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Ever since Snapchat profiles got hacked, security is a feature every phone user has been concerned about. Imagine a phone that is purely made to ensure it cannot be hacked as well as is guaranteed to be highly secure, this thought becomes real through Blackphone.

This phone solely focuses on user’s privacy and guarantees your smartphone experience is never compromised due to heavy security configuration or build.


Hardware Features Blackphone
Display 4.7 Inch HD IPS
Processor 2GHz Quad core SoC
Camera 8MP rear 1.3MP front
Internal Memory 16GB
Software Features Blackphone
Silent Circle Apps Silent Phone
Silent Text
Silent Contacts
In-built apps Security center
Activation Wizard
Remote Wipe

This phone is a combination of operating system and tools that offer security and privacy to people. Blackphone’s PrivateOS, built on Android and combined with privacy-enabled applications, helps users to gain control over their communications activities. It currently sells for $629, in India free of shipping charges.

A detailed insight on the apps that come with the Blackphone 

Silent Call

Silent Call is a encrypted peer-to-peer call making app when used with other Silent Call users (and a Blackphone comes with a couple of one-year licenses to give to friends).

Silent Text

Silent Text is an encrypted text messaging, again with other Silent Circle users. They help in ensuring getting your communications hijacked or hacked.

Silent Contact

Silent Contacts stops malware from skimming in your contacts.

For obvious reasons even though this phone is built on android like OS, it does not have Google Play store since it does want to get into security compensation.

The other features like storage , RAM, camera do ensure you do not feel like you need another phone for personal use since this phone has specifications that are on line with major flagships.

Featured Image Courtesy: Official Blackphone Website