Have you ever thought that we spend a significant amount of time on Facebook and other such social networking websites, how they be effect our thinking or our mood? Yes it does have a significant effect on how we react to different situations. The time being spent by use on the social networks is increasing by folds, normal person checks their Facebook profile 5 times a day. This Infographic from Techhive shows that for a post on Facebook that makes us happy, we have one post that makes us grimace, sad.

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Posts that show us as dumb person, or reminds you of some embarrassed moments can be hurtful and make you react in a negative way. Sometimes you tend to see those algorithmicaly generated advertisements which you keep avoiding, this also effects you in a negative manner.  One of the facts that i like the most is that after a research that was done in the starting of the year it was found that the most common emotion on seen on Facebook is the Envy, your Facebook walls are the testimony to this.

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Infographic Courtesy: www.techhive.com