Although Twitter and Facebook lie in the same genre which is the social networks but they are very much different in their structure and way of operation. Twitter has always been the most effective of all the networks be in terms of dedicated followers, effectiveness of tweets, and follower engagement. Brands these days are more inclined towards their Twitter pages than their existence on any other social networks because twitter has proved to be very effective in promoting the brands through hashtags, tagging and retweets, brands find very engaging audience on Twitter compared to Facebook where almost any brand can increase their following by promoting them through advertisements, which you don’t really find on Twitter. Twitter is so much effective in brand promotion that almost 67 percent of the users are likely to buy products from the brand they follow, and believe me this percentage is much more than that for Facebook.
So having more followers can be a the key to your success. Although there are no specific rules for increasing twitter engagement but following some protocols can help you increase your twitter followers and engaging them effectively.


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