We are almost at the end of 2013 and ready to welcome the year 2014, the year 2013 has been a great year talking in terms of the technological advancements, be it new fingerprint technology from Apple, curved designs from Samsung and LG, major developments in terms of overall designs and softwares. Similar trend will be observed in 2014 but the growth rate will increase exponentially and will be adopted by consumers at much higher rate. The evolution in the communication domain is going to be the prime focus in 2014.

The major development will be in the mobile world and the rest will revolve around it, Ericsson has shared with us the top 10 tech trends that we will observe in the year 2014. A team of experts from Ericsson has well woven them in the Infographic form and they believe that even a minor furtherence in communication field will effect the life of common people very strongly. So i leave you with this amazing Infographic and would request you to share your views and concerns in the comment section below.