Social sharing, check Ins, status updates on Facebook, check In on Foursquare, tweets and hashtags on Twitter have become an integral part of our life, that has become a kind of reflex action for our body, and is most common among youngsters. Now there is a whole physchology behind this online social activities and networking, this beautiful infographic from Statpro has provided  a very well organized description of the ongoing social activities. Based on the type of platforms people use for social sharing and their intentions behind it, people can be designated with different jargons like, for the ones uploading pictures, updating status just for the sake of reactions and attention are known as boomerangs, one which share very thoughtful and intellectual content are known as selectives, the content they share are resourceful and are trustworthy with a well established thought behind it.
This infographic explores different behaviors obseved on social media.
Another interesting fact highlighted in the Infographic is that almost 32 percent of the CEOs from the Fortune 500 companies have their well maintained profile on any one of the social networks, while the rest 68 percent consider it to be a waste of time.
Enjoy the Infographic and feel free to share it!