Considering the total number of online active users, the number of tweets, pins, Facebook status shares, Tumbles, Vines, Videos, Youtube share, every day can be considered as the Social Media Day.  You will be amazed to know that in a day of 24 Hrs, 1440 minutes, 86,400 seconds. the total number of users that go online is 40 percent of 7 Billion(which is the total number of active users).  The Infographic below that has been developed by an expert team at Saxum has given a review of the year 2013 before bidding goodbye to the it and it has presented the facts and huge figures for the top social media platforms and search engines.

Year 2013 has been great for the social media networks and other online communities and therefore it becomes important to have a look at what all we gained in this year.

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Infographic Courtesy: Saxum