I am sure like me most of us must be bugged with a question that what happens with our digital information once we die and this question has been answered in this beautifully Inforaphic designed by whoishostingthis. We spend a major chunk of our time on the internet and have our marks on it in the form of our social network accounts, reviews, user accounts, social gaming accounts and so. What happens to all this after a person deceases is the main Question. Now different companies have different protocols and rules which they follow in that sutuation, for all the major ones, they have been covered in the below infographic. I was amazed to see that even in the present scenario the number of accounts of the people deseased is very much comparable to that of the living ones. And according to the data collected, the number of accounts of the dead people will overtake the accounts of the living users. Isn’t that amazing?  Now this reminds me that there are companies which have started working in this domain where in they take the responsibility of managing the accounts of the people after they are dead, a few have been mentioned below.


Infographic Courtesy: Whoishostingthis.com

Enjoy going through the Infographic and dig into some mind boggling facts and figures!