Each one has a little craving to learn a new language. It is always good to learn new things. But no one likes to spend few bucks and quality time to learn a new language since they don’t feel much significance associated to it. How about learning a language in a gamified way just like playing a game, I guess many would be in for the game. That is what Duolingo offers to us you get to learn a new language just like playing a game.

You could learn a language for free with no ads, no fees and no subscriptions. Yes it is free forever and they don’t give more than you can chew, the learning process is divided into small units as bits and pieces and they give you part by part as you go discovering more on your own. Just like you play Mario or some other epic game you get four lives here they call it heart, for every wrong answer you lose a heart, when you lose all four it is like game over you should start learning from the start again.

It helps you read, write, speak and learn all in one place. For each unit you complete you get a plus score to inspire you to do more. You could also track your progress in the language with these points. Best of all they have this appealing cute and sleek UI that makes you go all wow. They have also scientifically proven that 34 hrs of Duolingo study is equal to one semester course at a university.

Basically their idea was to make your short and snappy breaks productive like those when you wait in the queue or when you are commuting etc. Right now they offer you Spanish, French, English, German, Portuguese and Italian. They are building their app by working on to include more languages down the line.

Their honors include getting the  Google Play’s “Best of the Best” 2013 award, and praise from The Wall Street Journal as  “Far and away the best free language-learning app.”

Watch their beautiful visual to know more

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