Internet which forms the end all and bee all of our life, is not all that we see, there much more behind that and its as much as 500 times of what we see. Amazed? Yes it is very much true, we call that deep web, what we see is that part of internet that is accessed by all the normal users and is indexed by the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and is known as the SURFACE WEB. Deep web as we talk is that part which doesn’t come under the scrutiny of police or government and can easily bypass the filters set by the agencies to prevent illegal transctions and dangerous activities amd is also not indexed by the search engines. The story of Silk Route that surfaced a month back was a product in the deepweb and involved transactions of bitcoins and exchange of drugs worth a billion dollar.
You would be wondering as how to access this Deep web, we use specialised browsers such as TOR or I2P to access it, while normal browsers such as Chrome, IE are used for the surface web.
The level of encryption and the method of peer to peer accessing makes it much more difficult to track the information and the location. These days many people have started using the deep web to protect their private information and some whistle blowers which you might have heard of like Julian Assange have been using it to access the classified information. Below is an infographic presented by and has been beautifully designed to show you what exactly is deep web and its usage.


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