After updating your Apple device to the latest version i.e. iOS 7, you might be aware of the most talked features. However, there is a bunch of features that users are not really aware of. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Text Timestamps:

    I am sure you always wanted to know the timestamp of when exactly did you send/receive a text message on your Apple device. Your wish is now granted by iOS 7. While in a message thread, swipe your finger to the left and see timestamps for all the messages at once.

  2. Clock Icon:

    The clock icon in iOS 7 is more than just an icon. It shows the actual time at any instant, notice the seconds hand moving in the icon itself.

  3. Close Multiple Apps at Once:

    When you press the Home button twice, you are taken to a screen where you can close the apps. While I have seen people closing apps one by one, but you can close upto three of them in one go. How? Swipe three fingers up at the same time and you’d see those three apps being closed at the same time.

  4. Siri Is More Helpful Now:

    Siri now understands you more and helps you reduce the effort. By saying “Turn off the WiFi”, Siri would do it without any further questions. You can ofcourse ask her to play voice messages or make a call.

  5. Block Unwanted Callers:

    iOS 7 now comes with a native feature to block calls from unwanted callers. You just need to add that contact in ‘Blocked’ in Settings -> Phone. For blocking multiple numbers, add all those numbers to a single contact and block that. And if you come across another such number that you would want to block, just add it to an existing contact which is already Blocked. This saves you going again and again to the Settings.

Image source for clock icon and Siri: Mashable