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biglogoAttended a rocking party or a memorable event? Not able to find a place where you put all the photos together? We have a solution- DropEvent is an easy-to-use web application which allows you to create an event and then add photos to it. The cool part- there is no limitation to how many photos you can add under a single event. Talking in the terms of a lean startup, DropEvent was developed to solve the problem of photos being spread across various social networks for a single event.

There is a lot of flexibility in this application, you can upload photos to any particular event you attended, without having to ‘Sign In’ here. All you need to have, is the photos for that event and that’s how easy it is. For the case that an event does not exist to upload photos to, you just need to do a simple 15-seconds ‘Sign Up’ and you are all set to create an event.

How to get started?

Signing up on DropEvent is one of the easiest I have come across, no complex questions, nothing extra, it’s just the name, email and password that you need to input to get going. You are taken to your home page as soon as you click ‘Sign Up’.

Now let’s say I was in NYC for the US Open 2013, and since I could not find an event for it in the Search, I created one. By default, I get a FREE account to begin with. And even when it is free, any number of photos can be uploaded to it. A unique feature here is that only the event creator should have an account on DropEvent, and not all those who want to share photos for that particular event. This makes it easier for family and friends to have a single stop for photos from a particular event.


There is a time expiration of a Free account and you would get reminders before the expiry date so that you can upgrade it. At the time of writing, the span of an upgraded event is one year. With every event creation, a tag/email is created which you can share with your friends to increase the popularity. You can send an email there with the photo as an attachment and the caption as the subject to add it to the respective event. The other way, of course, is to upload photos directly from the Event Profile page via the browser of your computer or mobile device.

What are the advantages of an Upgraded Event?

You get rid of the ads when you upgrade an event, along with more event options- edit the tag name, prevent users from downloading the full-size photos from your event. You can also create folders in your event if you have an upgraded account. For example, if I want to segregate the US Open photos as per the match, I can surely do that.


Since you created the event, you own it. You can select an option where photos would not show up until you moderate them. That’s a good way to keep your event as you like it to be. Once your event expires, all the photos are deleted from the servers.

Here’s what Jeremy Noonan, Founder of DropEvent, has to say on a few questions I asked him:

Q. What is the next upgrade that we are going to see in DropEvent? And when?
J: One of the next big upgrades is adding video support, which has been requested a lot. Probably adding that by the end of this year.

Q. Any limitation on the maximum number of photos that can be added to a single event?
J: There are no limitations on the number of photos added to either a free or upgraded event.

Q. Do you intend to provide Facebook, Twitter and Google linking for Sign Up?
J: That may get added in the future, but so far the users aren’t really requesting it.

Q. Users get engaged when they can interact with other users too. Can we have comments option available for photos?
J: Comments are a feature that I am trying to figure out how to do “right” so that there is no way to spam an event or photo.

Q. If not Upgraded, what is the life-time of an event?
J: Six months for free events, and one year for an upgraded event. Both types will receive a reminder email, close to expiration which will let them renew the event for a
full year.

Let’s have a look at the numbers that DropEvent can certainly boast of:


Give it a go and share your experience in the comment system below. Happy uploading!