The “Zero” Camera Mod for the Galaxy S9 family is out now.

There’s hardly anyone out there who isn’t aware of the Samsung Galaxy flagships and the technological advancements they bring to the table twice every year. And although Samsung already ships the S9 and the S9 Plus with capable Pro Camera tools, yet XDA-developer’s senior member ZeroProbe noticed some room for improvement and came out with this new mod for us to try. With this mod, a couple of settings have been altered and some restrictions lifted in order to get the best out of those dual cameras.

Galaxy S9/S9 plus camera mod features:

  • Increased bit-rate of recorded video by about 30%.
  • The 4GB video limit has been removed
  • The inclusion of a higher JPG quality option
  • No time limit on recording
  • Auto Focus tracking in all modes.
  • Option to set shutter speed at more than 10 seconds, allowing for considerably more light to pass through for night time photography. Bear in mind, you will need a quality tripod to get optimum results here.

ZeroProbe is known for this mod and the support and maintenance it provides for even the older galaxy flagships. But due to the nature of this mod, we’ll refrain from listing down any instructions here, and instead link the source to avoid any conflicts on various versions. 

When it comes to installation and how to do it, one can opt for either of these two ways: one a straightforward app installation and the other a recovery zip flash. Bear in mind that it does require root access and for the moment only supports Exynos devices.

Try it out here and do share your experience with it in the comments section below.