Whatspp pinning feature

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging platform, has started testing pinning feature in the beta version of its Android app. This basically lets the user pin (fix) some contacts at the top of the WhatsApp home screen. As a result of which it is always convenient to access them. People with whom you chat frequently should be pinned. Any group can also be pinned. Apart from Pin, other options like Mute, Delete, Archive are also available in beta version.


How to pin the chats?

Whatspp pinning feature

To pin chats all you need to do is to select and hold the chat (individual or group) you want to pin. After this, a menu bar will appear at the top with multiple options like pin, mute etc. Select the pin button and you are done. Similarly you can unpin any chat.

As of now, a maximum of 3 chats can be pinned.


This is currently available for Android beta version 2.17.162. After initial beta testing if things go as planned, it will be rolled to stable WhatsApp too. In case you are getting impatient to try this, head over to google play and sign up for the beta programme. Do remember, it can be a bit unstable.

There is no detail available about iPhone app. But if things work as planned, there is no reason they will be left out. But for now, iPhone users will have to wait.

Interestingly, Telegram has this pinning feature since last year.

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